As president Biden sleepwalks into giving into giving Ukraine ‘a limited number’ of ATCMS operational-tactical missiles with cluster ammunition, an attack on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in the Crimean capital of Sevastopol shows that, while long-range missiles can’t turn things around in the war, they can still inflict a lot of damage.

At around 10:30am local time, a Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol struck the Black Sea Fleet headquarters’ historic building, using Storm Shadow/Scalp missiles.

Initial information is that one Russian serviceman is reported missing. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian air defenses downed at least five missiles during the attack.

Crimean Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev announced that the missile and aviation threat in Sevastopol is now over, but asked citizens to refrain from traveling to the city center.

Sputnik reported:

‘Please remain calm. The situation is under the control of the emergency services. According to preliminary information, civilian infrastructure near the fleet headquarters has not been damaged. The people who were on the street at the moment of the missile strike have not been injured either’, Razvozhaev assured.”

Razvozhaev also quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that “The enemy launched a missile attack on the fleet’s headquarters. A fragment fell near the Lunacharsky Theater… All operational services went to the scene of the incident. Information about the victims is being clarified. Please remain calm. And do not post photos and videos.”

MSM is a happy camper.

Ukraine has been launching drones into Russian territory almost daily since it set off its counteroffensive in early June, and missile attacks have also intensified.

The MSM is gloating in this meaningless victory, as you would expect. None of that has any major strategic significance in the unfolding of the war, or on the outcome of the failed offensive by Kiev, where it lost over 70k troops and 500 tanks in 3 months.

The most disturbing feature of the attack are the allegations that US reconnaissance planes were involved in the targeting of the attack. This is yet another irresponsible escalation by the Biden administration from hell.


Before the attack on Sevastopol with Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles, American reconnaissance aircraft were cruising near Crimea: a Global Hawk UAV and an E-3A Sentry AWACS aircraft

After NATO, the long-range drone and early warning aircraft were replaced by the American anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8S Poseidon. After their work, the Air Force Su-24s launched missile attacks.”

Sputnik on Telegram:

“During Ukraine’s missile attack on Sevastopol, an American Boeing P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft of the U.S. Navy was located in the area of the Black Sea coast

Such vehicles are regularly deployed off the coast of Crimea, along with RQ-4 Global Hawk high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and E-3A Sentry early warning aircraft of the US Air Force.”

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