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Brown Eggs vs. White Eggs: What’s the Difference?


When you think of farm fresh eggs, you’re likely picturing a pretty basket of multi-colored eggs. My family raises chickens on our small hobby farm and that’s exactly what we get—dark brown, tan, white, and even green eggs. But when it’s time to sell them, not everyone wants a variety pack; some customers only want brown eggs. Why brown eggs? Are there more nutrients in brown eggs vs. white eggs?

Here, we chatted with some registered dietitians to get to the bottom of brown eggs vs. white eggs, share why egg shells have different colors, and what it means for their nutritional value.

Why are eggs different colors?

Although the eggs you see at the grocery are often brown or white, eggs actually come in a variety of colors, from reddish brown, speckled tan to olive green, light blue, white, or pink. As farmers, we associate vibrantly colored eggs with happy chickens that have the best laying conditions. But does that mean we need to stop buying plain white eggs? Not at all.

According to Miranda Galati, RD, registered dietitian and founder of Real Life Nutritionist, it’s a common misconception that brown eggs are healthier or more natural than white eggs. “The truth is that the color of an egg has nothing to do with its nutritional content, and everything to do with the breed of hen laying it,” she says.

That’s why the eggs collected from our coop all look different. We have several different breeds pecking along in our yard. “Different breeds of chickens produce different colored eggs. According to the USDA, brown eggs come from Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and Plymouth Rock hens, while white eggs come from Leghorn, White Rock, and Cornish hens. Some chickens even produce green and blue varieties,” Galati says.

“Choosing regular white or brown eggs is the best budget-friendly choice. If you have a little more money to spend, vitamin-enhanced eggs that contain extra nutrients like vitamin D or omega-3 can be a worthwhile upgrade.”—Miranda Galati, RD, dietitian

Brown eggs vs. white eggs: Which is healthier?

The pigments that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors contain different nutrients, therefore, consuming a variety of produce is encouraged. So, is this the same for eggs?

Michelle Rauch, RDN, registered dietitian nutritionist for The Actors Fund, explains why we don’t have to ditch white eggs. “The nutritional profile between brown and white eggs is nearly identical unless the feed for the chickens was enhanced with ingredients to boost the omega-3 content. Otherwise, both colored eggs contain similar amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein, and there is no difference in taste, texture, or cooking properties.”

You’ll see this if you crack a brown egg and a white egg into a bowl. Without the shell, they are identical. The same goes for green, speckled, or pink eggs. While they are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t offer additional benefits. You don’t eat the shells (although you can use eggshells to make bone broth). Plus, unless you want to pay premium prices, colorful eggs may be hard to come by.

How to choose which eggs to buy

When you’re buying eggs, there are several options available. “All eggs are good eggs in my book. Regardless of the color of eggs and the specific variety you’re buying, eggs are always packed with nutrients like high-quality protein, vitamin A, choline, and iron,” says Galati.

She continues, “Choosing regular white or brown eggs is the best budget-friendly choice. If you have a little more money to spend, vitamin-enhanced eggs that contain extra nutrients like vitamin D or omega-3 can be a worthwhile upgrade.”

Nutrient-enhanced eggs

Farmers can boost the nutritional content of their eggs through the diet of their chickens.  “To boost the nutrient content of eggs, flaxseeds are added to the chickens’ feed. Flaxseeds contain omega-3s1 in the form of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which in turn gets deposited into the egg,” Rauch explains.

This is ideal for people who don’t like fish but want to increase their omega-3 intake. Omega-3s have multiple benefits, such as helping to prevent cognitive decline2, improve heart health, lower blood pressure3, and reduce inflammation4 and chronic disease risk.

Furthermore, if you’re struggling to get enough vitamin D, eggs may be your answer. Eggs are already an excellent source of the sunshine vitamin5, but when the chickens’ feed is fortified, the vitamin D content is even greater. Vitamin D-fortified foods, like eggs, can greatly increase vitamin D intake6 and prevent deficiency.

Free-range eggs

Besides feed ingredients, a hen’s environment may also have an impact on egg quality. When chickens are allowed to free-range, they’re constantly pecking—foraging for bugs, flowers, and plant seeds that add variety to their diets. “These chickens are more likely to produce eggs with increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids,” Rauch says.

Another benefit to free-range or pastured eggs is improved animal welfare. “It allows for the chickens to have access to the outdoors and avoid overcrowded enclosures,” Rauch says.

Free-range eggs may also be a more environmentally friendly choice. “In addition to the ‘natural fertilization’ of the soil that may reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers, intensive grain production for feed is known to be a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions7,” explains Rauch.

You’ll notice free-range eggs are more expensive. So it’s up to you if the price difference is worth it. “Choosing free-range eggs means the hens have different living conditions that might enhance their quality of life, but it won’t make a substantial difference to the eggs’ nutritional content,” Galati says.

Bottom line: Whether you are making the perfect hard-boiled eggs or frittata roll-ups, any color egg will fit the bill. Brown and white eggs provide the same nutrients. But if you’re looking for eggs with a little more nutrition, consider buying nutrient-enhanced or free-range eggs. These eggs offer more vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to the hens’ feed and environment.

Well+Good articles reference scientific, reliable, recent, robust studies to back up the information we share. You can trust us along your wellness journey.

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Senators Request Special Counsel To Investigate Clarence Thomas For Crimes


Sens. Ron Wyden and Sheldon Whitehouse have requested that AG Merrick Garland appoint a special counsel to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for criminal violations of ethics and tax laws.

The Senators wrote to the Attorney General:
We write to request that you appoint a Special Counsel to investigate possible violations of federal ethics and tax laws by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas. Over the past year, public reporting and Senate investigations have uncovered evidence of repeated and willful omissions of gifts and income from Justice Thomas’s financial disclosure reports required by the Ethics in Government Act. The Senate is investigating these omissions as it considers improvements to ethics and tax laws.

We do not make this request lightly. The evidence assembled thus far plainly suggests that Justice Thomas has committed numerous willful violations of federal ethics and false-statement laws and raises significant questions about whether he and his wealthy benefactors have complied with their federal tax obligations. Presented with opportunities to resolve questions about his conduct, Justice Thomas has maintained a suspicious silence.

It would be great if Attorney General Garland stepped back and saw a corrupt Supreme Court majority that is unwilling to police itself, looked at the evidence surrounding Justice Thomas, concluded that an independent investigation is required, and appointed a special counsel.

The reality is that that this is the same Department of Justice that had to be presented evidence by the 1/6 Committee before they accelerated their investigation into the attack on the Capitol, so the request from the senators is likely to be rejected, as being too political too close to a presidential election.

If a criminal investigation was ever launched into Justice Thomas, it would represent a big step toward getting him off of the bench. Getting rid of Thomas has nothing to do with politics. The evidence suggests that he is a corrupt justice who does not belong on the Supreme Court.
Sens. Wyden and Whitehouse are using every tool that they have to keep the attention on Justice Thomas.

Jason Easley
Latest posts by Jason Easley (see all)

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Star Wars Outlaws: The huge map size and scope of the game


Star Wars Outlaws will be the first truly open-world Star Wars game, and Massive Entertainment’s creative director Julian Gerighty has revealed some details on the map size and scope of the game.

In an interview with IGN, Gerighty revealed the planet where players start their Star Wars Outlaws adventure is Toshara and isn’t actually a planet, it’s a moon, and traveling across the whole surface takes “four or five minutes nonstop” if you hop on a Speeder.

He compared it to one of Ubisoft’s other open worlds to provide context, comparing the planet to “two or three” zones from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

He said that four or five minutes “doesn’t sound like a lot, but once you’re committed it’s a fairly large amount and you are always going to be distracted.” The game’s director, Mathias Karlson, described the “living world system” that helped make their previous open-world games, The Division and The Division 2, a success, as key to making Star Wars Outlaws engaging, especially if traversing long distances.

Star Wars Outlaws’ maps will not be big for the sake of it

Greighty also discussed the kind of emergent gameplay that will come out of this living world system, saying “Every two, three minutes there’ll be something that’s happening, whether it’s an ambush or the empire arresting some civilians or getting into combat with some criminal syndicates. And it’s up to you whether you want to engage or not.”

However, Massive Entertainment has always had a clear plan for Outlaws that they are hoping helps them avoid open-world pitfalls like bloat. They have designed the world to favor variety over size: “So we don’t want things to be just big for big sake. We need it to be contained, always fun, always proposing different activities,” Gerighty said.

If the studio can live up to these promises, Outlaws could truly be the Star Wars scoundrel story we’ve longed for. It releases on August 30, so there won’t be too long til we find out for sure.

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How to connect Hue Lights to Apple Home


  • Step

    Open the Philips Hue app

    You’ll either find this in your App Library or on your Home Screen, as shown here.Philips Hue app icon on iPhone Home Screen

  • Step

    Select Settings

    In the bottom right corner of the Philips Hue app, you’ll see the Settings icon.Philips Hue iPhone App with Settings icon highlighted

  • Step

    Find Smart home

    You may need to scroll down to find this.Smart Home option on Philips Hue Settings page

  • Step

    Select Add

    In the top right corner you’ll see a white plus icon in a blue circle. Tap this.Smart Home page on Philips Hue iPhone app with Plus icon highlighted

  • Step

    Tap Siri & Apple Home

    It’s good to know that this page is where you can also connect to other smart home hubs for the future, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.Philips Hue iPhone app showing step to link voice assistant to a Hue device

  • Step

    Select Next

    Before continuing, be sure to read through the data notice on screen.Data notice on Philips Hue app

  • Step

    Either select the Home you want to connect to or you can create a new one here

    If this is your first time setting up a smart home device, you’ll need to create a new Home. Otherwise, you can just select a pre-existing Home that’s already set up.List of Homes on Philip Hue app

  • Step

    Follow the on-screen instructions

    Follow the instructions on the screen to add your smart device, which will include naming your Hue Bridge.Adding Accessory to Apple Home

  • Step

    Select Add to Home

    Once setup is complete, simply end with Add to Home.A Hue Bridge added to Apple Home

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    Download these scary wallpapers for your phone


    Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

    Lovers of the occult and terror have a very special taste. If you dare to wander into the darkest realms of your smartphone, today, we delve into a world where your phone’s background becomes a window into the unknown. We offer a glimpse into the abyss, where darkness whispers secrets your soul isn’t meant to hear. Here, lurk scary wallpapers for your phone.

    Download these scary wallpapers for your phone

    Let’s start by explaining how these wallpaper posts work. While your first reaction might be to download the images you see below, that is not the best idea. These images have been compressed and optimized for improved website performance. This means they won’t look as good as possible, and they are for demonstration purposes only. You can look through them, and when you find the scary wallpapers you like, go ahead and click on the download button right below them to grab the full-resolution images.

    How to set these scary wallpapers on your phone

    Have you found your favorite scary wallpapers? It’s time to set one as your background, and we can walk you through the process if you’re feeling a little lost. What makes wallpapers so awesome is that they are universal, as they are technically just images. This means you can use them on any device that allows you to change the background. These specific wallpapers are made for phones, so we’ve created step-by-step instructions for both Android and iOS, as these are the two leading mobile operating systems.

    As mentioned above, you should grab the full-resolution scary wallpapers using the button below the image previews. It’s easier to download them straight from the phone you will set the wallpapers on, but you can also use any other device and just transfer the files to your phone using a USB cable, Bluetooth, a cloud storage service like Google Drive, or send them to yourself via email. Just don’t use any transfer method that compresses images, as that would defeat the purpose. Services like Messenger or WhatsApp reduce the quality of images.

    Once your scary wallpapers are on your phone, follow the steps below to set one as your background.

    How to set these scary wallpapers on an Android phone:

    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Tap on Wallpaper & style.
    3. Hit More wallpapers.
    4. Find and select your scary wallpaper.
    5. Modify the scary wallpaper to your liking, then tap on Set wallpaper.
    6. Choose whether you want to set the scary wallpaper on your Home screenLock screen, or Home and lock screens.

    How to set these scary wallpapers on an iPhone:

    1. Launch the Settings app.
    2. Go into the Wallpaper option.
    3. Select Add New Wallpaper.
    4. Find and select your scary wallpaper.
    5. Modify the scary wallpaper to your liking, then hit Add.
    6. Select Set as Wallpaper Pair.

    Editor’s note: We formulated these instructions using a Google Pixel 8a running Android 14 and an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 17.5. Some steps and menus may be different depending on your device and its software version.

    Not satisfied with these creepy wallpapers? We have some other similar collections. Peek into our collections of dark wallpapers, eccentric wallpapers, and abstract wallpapers. You’re bound to find something you like in one of those.

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    5 Podiatrist-Approved Comfy and Cute Shoes for the Summer


    Quick poll: Have you picked up a pickleball racket lately? Challenged friends to a game of beach volleyball? Traded your indoor gym sesh for outdoor walks? Whatever your preferred mode of movement is, summer tends to come with a serious urge to get on your feet.

    That on-the-move mindset makes the season fun and festive—but it can also put stress on your muscles and joints. Take it from podiatrist Timothy Oldani, DPM, FACFAS: “Typically, people increase their activity level in the summer,” he says. “This increase in activity can lead to overuse injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and stress fractures.”

    Here’s the good news, though: A simple upgrade to your shoe closet can help bolster your body from the ground up (and keep your activity schedule going strong). “By wearing the proper footwear, the incidence of overuse injuries can be significantly decreased,” Dr. Oldani says. “Footwear that provides adequate support through the arch, and good shock absorption through the heel and under the ball of the foot, is essential.” In other words, those $5 foam flip flops you’ve been rocking are chic—but they’re not giving your feet the support they need.

    Not sure what to slip on instead? Dr. Oldani is weighing in on a slew of podiatrist-approved shoes for the summer that are equal parts comfortable *and* cute. From cushioned sandals to classic ballet flats, you can find all these supportive (and seriously affordable) picks at QVC. Check them out—and then head to checkout. Your summer feet will thank you.

    Shop Comfortable Summer Shoes

    Revitalign Orthotic Perforated Neoprene Mules — $59.00

    A summer shoe non-negotiable? An easy slide-on for morning coffee walks, evening ice cream cones, and backyard puttering in between—and this breathable mule, made with perforated material, fits the bill. “These slides are an excellent choice for those with toe deformities, such as hammertoes and bunions,” Dr. Oldani says. “They have a neoprene upper that will stretch and conform to these deformities. “There is also a built-in metatarsal pad to reduce pressure across the ball of the foot.”

    Skechers BOBS Slip-ins Washable Vegan Sneakers — $60.00

    Make your daily hot-girl walks more comfortable with these durable sneakers. The thick outsole ensures great support through your arch and mid-foot, and the slip-on style is ideal for people who deal with arthritis or find lacing up shoes difficult, Dr. Oldani says. Keep things classic with a black pair, or lean into the season with a splash of sage or lavender.

    Alegria Leather Adjustable Slide Sandals — $80.00

    Summer is for sandals—and it’s time to upgrade your shoe game with a supportive pair. Dr. Oldani loves these funky leather slides for their orthotic cork footbed. “This provides great support through the arch, especially for a sandal,” he says. “This design alleviates some of the pressure and weight passed through the great toe joint [while] walking.”

    Dr. Scholl’s Ballet Flat — $67.00

    ICYMI, ballet flats are back (just ask TikTok). If you want to get in on the trend, but you’re hesitant because of a history of *ahem* sweaty soles, add this lightweight pair to your cart. The shoes are designed with an anti-microbial and anti-odor insole, which is especially helpful during the summer. “The outsole is also much more rugged and durable than that of a traditional ballet flat,” Dr. Oldani says—so they’re practically made for on-your-feet season.

    Clarks Cloudsteppers Sport Thong Sandals — $43.00

    A traditional flip flop isn’t the most supportive shoe in the game—that’s no surprise. But it’s possible to rock this beach essential and give your soles some love. This pair, which comes in 18 different colors, provides shock absorption and features a supportive footbed that helps reduce pressure while walking, Dr. Oldani says.

    So whether you’re strolling on the boardwalk, heading to the farmer’s market, or hitting the courts, slide into one of these supportive and stylish shoes for happy feet, all summer long.

    Note: Prices taken at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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    Navy Sailor Tried To Access And Presumably Leak Biden’s Medical Records


    The Navy has confirmed that a sailor tried numerous times to access President Biden’s medical records.

    CBS News reported:
    A junior Navy sailor attempted to access the medical records of President Biden from a military medical database three times in February but was unable to do so, the U.S. Navy confirms to CBS News.

    The sailor, whose name the Navy will not disclose, was administratively disciplined after an investigation into the attempted breach ended in late April. The person responsible for the breach is a junior enlisted sailor serving in the Navy’s hospital corps and is based at Fort Belvoir, in Virginia, a major medical hub, according to a U.S. official familiar with the situation.

    The sailor accessed the Genesis Medical Health System — the database for the military medical system — three times on Feb. 23, but “he did not pull up the right Joe Biden,” the U.S. official said.

    Previous incidents of this nature have usually resulted in people compromising systems to leak sensitive information. The sailor in this case was lucky that they failed because the discipline for an unsuccessful attempt might not be as severe as a successful effort would have been.

    Biden’s medical records are not some great secret. There are decades of published medical summaries out there about the President. The government still has a file on Trump as well from when he was president, which should also remain confidential.

    The incident that was reported by CBS happened months before the current frenzy over Biden’s medical records.

    Jason Easley
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    How to get Standard Parts in Once Human


    As you’re making your way through Once Human, completing quests, defeating enemies, and more, you’ll also want to gather as many items as possible to progress.

    One particular resource you’ll definitely need to enhance your base of operations is Standard Parts, integral after you beat the first boss.

    However, you may have only been accustomed to Rusted Parts as of now, so we’ll run you through two different ways to get Standard Parts in Once Human.

    Where to find Once Human Standard Parts

    As previously mentioned, securing Standard Parts is absolutely essential after you take down the first boss since they are required to improve the buildings you would have created.

    Thankfully, there are a couple of different ways you can get Standard Parts in Once Human – via disassembling items and searching in junk piles or containers at Strongholds/in the wild Level 10 or above.

    Looking initially at disassembling items, it isn’t as simple as selecting them in your inventory to scrap. Instead, what you’ll have to do is go into the Crafting menu, via the Facilities part of the Construction menu, and choose the Disassembly Bench option.

    Now all you have to do is select the items in your inventory that you don’t want and disassemble. This will provide you with Standard Parts without having to do really any extra work.

    If you’re a little light on items though, you can forage for Standard Parts out in the open world.

    For this, you’ll need to head to higher level areas such as Iron River and Broken Delta, rich in a variety of resources such as Tin Ore, as well as what you’re after here.

    Now, just do as much searching as you can, keeping a beady eye out for containers or junk piles as these are the key.

    While you can just run around and come across them, if you use your Spacetime ability (using the Q key), these will be highlighted allowing for easy spotting.

    You will gain Standard Parts this way coupled with a load more junk too, feeding into the first method, creating a loop.

    Other Once Human pages you may like:

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    Amazon Echo Spot vs Echo Show 5: Which is better?


    Amazon now has two small smart speakers with displays, both available for a very similar price.

    That makes life a little bit confusing, so should you buy the newer Amazon Echo Spot (2024) or the slightly older Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation)?

    That’s what I’m here to help with, as I put the two smart displays head-to-head.

    The design is very different depending on the model you choose

    The two devices are radically different in looks, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. The Amazon Echo Show is designed as a standard smart display and has a regular 5.5-inch screen (960 x 480) that dominates the front.

    Measuring 147 x 91 x 82mm, this smart display will fit on a bedside table, but it’s also designed for use in other areas where you want a screen but don’t want a device that will take up too much room. That could be on an office desk or in a kitchen.

    Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) hero
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    The Echo Spot (2024) has a rounded display and looks like a slightly larger Echo Pop. It measures 113 x 103 x 111mm, which makes it a touch narrower than the Echo Show but taller and slightly deeper. Overall, both devices take up a similar amount of room.

    Amazon Echo Spot (2024) hero
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    With its smaller 2.83-inch screen (320 x 240), which is focussed on showing the current time, the Echo Spot is designed as a smart clock first and foremost, so is more at home on a bedside table.

    Both devices have similar controls on top, with physical volume control and microphone mute buttons. The Echo Show also has a camera privacy slider, which physically turns off the integrated 2MP webcam, as well as blocking its view. With no webcam, the Echo Spot (2024) doesn’t need this control.

    Amazon Echo Spot (2024) controls
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    Features and screen

    In terms of voice features, as both devices have Amazon Alexa built-in, you can do the same things with both devices, from asking about the current weather to finding out what upcoming appointments you have or controlling a smart home device.

    The differences come down to what the screens can do, with the Echo Show 5 offering a wider range of features. With the Echo Show 5, you get the same basic interface as with the majority of the other Echo Show devices.

    By default, the screen rotates through information pages that show recent headlines, the upcoming weather, recipe recommendations, and more, as well as a clock page. It’s quite a busy interface, although the Settings page lets you select which bits of information (if any) you want to see.

    In contrast, the Echo Spot’s screen shows a choice of clocks, ranging from a digital clock that shows the date and weather to an analogue option. It’s far less cluttered from the start, and straight out of the box, the Echo Spot is a little more focused.

    Amazon Echo Spot (2024) alarm set
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    How the screens can be used varies between devices. The biggest difference is that the Echo Show 5 can show video, whereas the Echo Spot can’t. With an Echo Show 5, you can watch recipe videos or even catch up on Prime Video content; however, my main use of the Echo Show 5 is for answering my Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro.

    As the Spot doesn’t support any video feeds it can only sound an audible alert when someone presses my doorbell, but I have to get my phone out to see who’s there or to answer the call. For me, this makes the Echo Show 5 a better choice.

    The two devices share some features: ask about the weather, and both will show the forecast on screen; controlling a smart device using your voice brings up touch controls to make adjustments, such as a slider to change a light’s brightness; and play music, and there are playback controls and track skip buttons.

    Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) smart home control
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    Even so, the Echo Show 5 can do more, thanks to its higher resolution screen. For example, ask for local restaurants, and the Show 5 will show the results on-screen; the Echo Spot can only read out the listings, the same as a regular Echo Dot.

    At night, both devices can dim their screens automatically, showing just a clock that’s bright enough to read, but dim enough that they don’t disturb you. Both allow alarms to be set, and you can snooze (but not stop) and alarm by tapping the top of either device.

    Thanks to its built-in webcam, only the Echo Show 5 can make video calls. For some people, having a webcam in a bedroom is a big no, which makes the Spot a better choice if absolute privacy is your main concern. However, the Show 5 does have a physical camera shutter, so you can permanently turn off the camera if you don’t want to use it.

    Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Generation) camera slider
    Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

    The Audio quality is very similar

    The Echo Show has a 1.75-inch speaker, and the Echo Spot has a 1.73-inch front-firing speaker. Audio quality is very similar between the two devices. I found that there’s a good amount of bass on each, and the maximum volume is good, but the audio sounds harsh at the high end, and there’s not much detail.

    Speech quality is very good, so both smart speakers are good for talk radio, Alexa responses and podcasts. For music, occasional use is fine, but if you want better audio quality, the Echo Show 8 (3rd Generation) is a better smart display, and the Echo (4th Generation) is a better smart speaker.

    Which one is best?

    If you just want a smart clock, the focused Echo Spot is a neat device. It adds a bit extra thanks to the small touchscreen display. However, it’s only a little cheaper than the Echo Show 5, which has more features thanks to its better screen and it integrates better with Ring doorbells. That will make the Echo Show 5 a better choice for most people.

    If you don’t care about having a display, the Echo Dot (5th Generation) has similar sound quality, but is cheaper than both products. The minor caveat is that during its launch period over Prime Day, until July 18, the Echo Spot costs just £49.99/$44.99 for Prime members, which is great value.

    UK RRP


    EU RRP

    CA RRP



    Screen Size

    Front Camera

    Size (Dimensions)



    Release Date

    First Reviewed Date

    Model Number


    Voice Assistant

    Touch Screen

    Smart assistants

    App Control



    Power source


    Number of speakers


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    Download these sci-fi wallpapers for your phone


    Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

    The easiest way to spruce up your phone’s looks is to change the wallpaper. It takes very little effort, but finding the right background image can be a time-consuming task. The science fiction fans among us will probably want an appropriately themed picture, and we have assembled a collection of awesome sci-fi wallpapers for your phone.

    Download these sci-fi wallpapers for your phone

    Let’s get started by telling you how our wallpaper posts work. Your first thought might be to download the images you see below, but we would advise against this. These have been compressed and optimized for improved website performance, which means image quality will take a hit. Consider these image previews. You can go through them and see which your favorite sci-fi wallpapers are. When you make your mind up, click on the button below these previews to download the full-resolution sci-fi wallpapers.

    How to set these sci-fi wallpapers on your phone

    Did you find the right sci-fi wallpapers for your phone? Now, you have to set it on your phone, and we know some of you might not know how to do this. Don’t worry; we can walk you through the process. Because wallpapers are pretty much images, you can set them on any device that allows you to change your background. These wallpapers are optimized for smartphones, so we have created step-by-step instructions for changing your wallpaper on both Android and iOS. These are the leading mobile platforms, so nearly all of you should be covered.

    When ready, just get your wallpapers from the button under the image previews. The most straightforward method is to download them straight onto the device on which you will set the sci-fi wallpaper. If you prefer, you can also get them from any other device and then transfer the sci-fi wallpapers to your phone using a USB cable, Bluetooth, a cloud storage service like Google Drive, or send them to yourself via email. Just ensure you don’t use a service that compresses images, which would defeat the purpose. We know services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp compress sent pictures.

    When you have your sci-fi wallpapers safely stored in your phone, go ahead and follow the instructions below.

    How to set these sci-fi wallpapers on an Android phone:

    1. Launch the Settings app.
    2. Go into Wallpaper & style.
    3. Tap on More wallpapers.
    4. Find and select your sci-fi wallpaper.
    5. Modify the sci-fi wallpaper to your liking, then hit Set wallpaper.
    6. Pick whether you want to set the sci-fi wallpaper on your Home screenLock screen, or Home and lock screens.

    How to set these sci-fi wallpapers on an iPhone:

    1. Launch the Settings app.
    2. Go into the Wallpaper option.
    3. Select Add New Wallpaper.
    4. Find and select your sci-fi wallpaper.
    5. Modify the sci-fi wallpaper to your liking, then hit Add.
    6. Tap on Set as Wallpaper Pair.

    Editor’s note: These steps were assembled using a Google Pixel 8a running Android 14 and an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 17.5.1. Some menus and steps may differ depending on your device and software version.

    Are these sci-fi wallpapers not your cup of tea? We have plenty of other collections. If you’re looking for something somewhat similar to these, take a look at our abstract wallpapers, gradient wallpapers, and eccentric wallpapers. You can also check out this list of wallpapers from all the most popular devices in existence, if you want to go mainstream.

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