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Beauty Editor Review: 111 SKIN Reparative Collection



These products came to me just in time, as my complexion was feeling rough and dehydrated, even in the peak of New York City summer humidity. If I ran my finger over my cheeks I’d feel tiny bumps of texture, and my skin drank up moisturizer leaving my complexion dull an hour after application. 

With the dryness and dullness combined, I looked more tired than I felt. While this was a less-than-ideal skin state to have, it was the perfect time for me to test these reparative products. My goals were softer skin and a healthy glow—safe to say, these products delivered. 

I used the REPAIR SERUM NAC Y²™ and the REPAIR DAY CREAM NAC Y²™. I wanted to really see what these products could do, so I halted the use of my other products besides SPF, for the sake of a trusted review. 

After just two weeks of using the products, I look like I drank two liters of water and slept for 10 hours, and that glow is replicated every single day. I was impressed by how quickly this duo took action on my skin, as many formulas take a month or more to truly show tangible results. 

The texture on my skin is gone and has been replaced with soft, touchable skin that feels as healthy as it looks. I’ve gone many days with tinted moisturizer alone, if that, because my complexion looks that good. With this duo, every day is a good skin day.


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