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4 Ways To Quiet Intrusive Thoughts, From A Psychologist



Finally, some people experience intrusive thoughts related to self-image and body image, which can be particularly hard to break. When these come up, Abrams recommends trying your best to respond with positivity, rather than letting the negativity fester. 

“Respond internally or jot down some notes that are body neutral, body positive, or compassionate,” she says. Talking back to those thoughts and reminding yourself that they’re not true or helpful will reiterate the notion that they are just thoughts, not reality. 

Over time, this may become easier and your negative thoughts may just begin to slow down. However, it won’t be easy at first, so be patient with yourself and view this practice as a marathon, not a sprint. 

Abrams reminds you, “Intrusive thoughts are just that—intrusive and automatic—so they will come and you may not be able to control that, but you can gather some control about how you respond.” 


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