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There’s still time to nab our top Galaxy S23 deal

There’s still time to nab our top Galaxy S23 deal


Perhaps the best Samsung Galaxy S23 deal that we’ve ever seen is still running. Get in there while you can.

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the details of a scarcely believable Galaxy S23 contract deal over on iD Mobile. To our amazement, it’s still running, so we felt we had to bring it up again.

The deals gets you Samsung’s current compact flagship phone on a 24 month iD contract, together with 50GB of data, for a mere £26.99 per month and £59 up front.

Get the Galaxy S23 on contract for just £708

This iD Mobile contract gets you the Galaxy S23 and 50GB of monthly data for just £708 overall.

  • iD Mobile
  • 50GB of data
  • £59 up front, £26.99 a month

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With deals of this type, with the cost spread out over two years, it can be tough to spot the obvious value proposition. So let’s break it down.

Add together 24 payments of £26.99 a month, plus that £59 initial fee, and you come to a total of £707.76. Now compare that to the recommended retail price of the Galaxy S23 on its own over on the official Samsung website, which is £849.

Essentially you’re paying £140 less than the true value of the phone, plus you’re getting a very generous two-year contract on top of that. Like we said, crazy value.

Don’t think that the Galaxy S23 is a busted flush either. Far from it. In our 4.5-star review we called it “an excellent compact choice without much compromise, boasting top-end performance, versatile camera chops and, for the first time, true all-day battery life.”

Talking of top performance, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 foldables next week, yet all rumours point to the company using exactly the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that drives the Galaxy S23.

In other words, Samsung’s compact flagship will remain among the best runners until early next year. We know that Samsung will be supporting the Galaxy S23 for several years after that too, so this deal really doesn’t require much deliberation if you’re in the market for a new phone.


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