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Where to Eat and Drink in Prague

Where to Eat and Drink in Prague


The best way to explore Prague is on foot (which is exactly how I explored it on my recent trip to Prague).

Lots of walking, however, makes you super hungry (and thirsty). So, in between spotting the historical sights, checking out the best views in Prague, and admiring the architectural beauty, I also visited a few great Prague restaurants and beer gardens.

So, here’s my guide on where to eat in Prague along with where to enjoy a few good beers after a long day of walking the city streets. Also check out the VisitCzechRepublic tourism website for more info, who we partnered up with to do this trip.

Where to eat and drink in Prague

Wondering where to eat in Prague? Or where to enjoy the best beers and drinks in Prague? Check out these great bars and restaurants in Prague.

Cerveny Jelen / Red Stag restaurant 

Enjoy some good and honest Prague food with a cold beer and welcoming hospitality. Jelen concentrates the spirit of good Czech pubs and breweries and the true Pilsner passion for beer that has infected the whole of Europe.

Their logo is a winged Red Deer as a symbol of the return of quiet life to the centre of Prague. Inside you’ll find a timeless interior with many cubist details.

Together with the modern concept of gastronomy, it has the ambition to enthuse both Czechs and foreigners.

It is a new cubist cathedral of Pilsner beer, built with the Pilsner love of beer for all Czechs and those who admire them for this love of beer.

Manifesto Market Smichov

This is a hip place to enjoy some good food and drinks, served out of containers while you dip your toes into a little pool.

The concept is to transform forgotten locations into unique places with sophisticated design where families, colleagues, neighbours and visitors to Prague can meet.

Manifesto Smichov intertwines carefully selected culinary concepts with a cultural program. So you can taste authentic cuisines from the Mediterranean, Asia and America, which you pair with beers from local breweries or wines from the Czech Republic.  

Note: Bring your bank card, as you have to pay completely cashless.

Manifesto Market Florenc

Manifesto Florenc is a stylish meeting place where gastronomy meets culture. And it’s in the heart of the city. 

Would you like Italian-French cuisine or Asian-Italian cuisine or try a Japanese dish of spicy chicken on a skewer prepared straight from the grill? But it’s also fine to choose a yummy vegetarian Hummus or a tasty burger or hot dog. At Manifesto Florenc you can compare them all in one place

Kayak Beach Bar

Now it’s up to you… Would you like to go kayaking, hop on a SUP (Stand-Up-Paddle), play some volleyball or simply relax and have a drink?

The Kayak Beach Bar is a multifunctional floating bar with a volleyball court. And at the back you’ll find the kayaks and SUP boards. Not to forget the sitting area where you get some good food and drinks. I’ve ordered a chicken burger, which is usually a burger type I usually don’t go for. This was the right choice! This was probably the best chicken burger I’ve ever had, as the chicken was in smaller pieces instead of one large one. It reminded me more of a pulled pork burger. The sauce was also really good.

I don’t think that there is another place which provides all this on a river.

I decided to get onto a kayak, which was fun. I paddled first to the Jiráskovo náměstí bridge, which is where you’ll have to stop, unless you go through the lock. You’ll past Náplavka (see beneath).

After that I headed in the other direction and made my way to the Yacht Club. When you reach that area, you will feel like you are in another place and not in the capital of the Czech Republic anymore. Here you will also spot the muskrats.

Prague Waterfront 

Check out the waterfront Náplavka at the Rasin embankment, but also the opposite Horejsi embankment on the Smichov side.

There are in total twenty old dungeons on both waterfronts, which were renovated in a cool way and which are coming alive for visitors. The most visible feature are the six large circular windows on the Rasin embankment, which are set in old dungeons.

It’s a vibrant area with several bars, cafes and restaurants. Quite a few of them are floating boats. 

The waterfront is one of the most attractive areas of Prague. Notice that you won’t find any fixed buildings here, as the whole area could be flooded, if needed.

And on Saturday’s there is also a small Farmers’ Market.

Mlýnec Restaurant

The Vltava River flows right under your feet and when you get a table close to the window, you’ll get a romantic view of the Charles Bridge.

Also the interior design is inspired by the dynamic water close by. 

And yes, there is also food… actually great food, along with attention to every detail and a professional approach. Expect a delicious and versatile cuisine, which revives forgotten Bohemian specialties.

Make a visit to Mlynec and it’s an experience you will want to repeat.

Piknik Park

The restaurant is located next to the Kampa Park and close to the John Lennon Wall in the heart of the Lesser Town. Right next to it floats the Certovka river.

The Piknik Park restaurant has a nice and cozy area to sit down outside, next to the river. The menu is focused on Italian cuisine and the dishes are of top quality and made with fresh ingredients.

Letna Beer Garden

Where to eat in Prague lists also include a few beer gardens. Because, not only do they offer great beers and atmospheres, they also offer some good Prague food.

The Letna beer garden lies in Letna Park, which is a large park located on Letna Hill, built on a plateau above the Vltava River. The altitude of Letna allows for great views of the Old Town and as well from the beer garden.

“Leten” was originally called “summer camp” or “sunbathing place”. It’s the perfect place to chill, to get a cold beer and to enjoy the sunset while overlooking the city.

Prague Metronome

It’s only a short walk from the Letna beer garden to the Metronome. My tip would be to first have a drink in the beer garden and watch the sunset and then head to the Metronome. 

Why? Because right beneath it you’ll find an outdoor bar, who also provides a DJ for some good music. In the evening this is a good spot to party a bit.

In 1955, a large monument to Joseph Stalin was erected at the edge of Letná Park. This statue was destroyed in 1962, and the Metronome now occupies the site. Check if it moves to the beats.  😉

Burza #4 (Prague Market)

Part of the Prague Market Hall, this was a former slaughterhouse exchange, which now turned into a funky community space with an abandoned garden restaurant.

Expect live events like live music, theaters, musical events, workshops and even a program for kids.

This is a great place to sit and to relax from the city. It’s a little oasis of peace.

Around the corner you will also find a few food trucks, cafes, galleries, little shops and warehouse stores.

Gauč na Výstavišti

We headed to this beer garden after visiting the design market at Výstaviště Praha Holešovice. It’s easy to get there by tram (read about Prague public transport) and the perfect break from the city. It’s right next to the Stromovka park, which invites you to stroll through and to relax.

They also have a stage, so you might be lucky and there will be some live music. Otherwise it’s a great spot on a hot summer day, as it’s covered and surrounded by trees. When wondering where to eat in Prague when you need a break from the busy city streets – this is the spot.

Žižkov BeerGarden

This beer garden is a little bit outside of town, which makes it a great escape from city life (check out some of these day trips from Prague). At Zizkov beer garden they serve Pilsner, but also craft beer from smaller breweries. It’s pretty big with lots of seats, which makes it also popular to watch sporting events on a huge screen.

Hospudka Na Hradbách

This place looks a bit dusty on arrival, but it’s actually a really popular beer garden. It is located right on the Vyšehrad walls.

There are plenty of tables under umbrellas and along the perimeter of the walls, so that this makes it a nice break on a sunny day. 

The benches by the walls are especially popular for the unusual views of Prague and the impressive panorama of the New Town with the Nusel Bridge.

Expect some typical Balkan food (chops and lamb sausages) from the grill. They also have some vegetarian specialities. If you shouldn’t get a free table, just take a seat on the grass. And if you are lucky, there will be some live music.l

And bring cash, as they don’t accept any cards.

Bella Vida Cafe

I spotted this cafe while walking towards Kampa park. They have a nice view onto the Vltava river and onto the Charles Bridge and the inside has a cozy ‘bookish’ atmosphere.

Try the pulled pork burger or fresh pasta at the Bella Vida Cafe. And if you are vegetarian, go for the roasted sweet potato with feta cheese.

They are also known for their coffee, selected from the best Czech and international roasters.

Bar Bluelight 

Do you feel jazzy? This cocktail bar is located near the Charles Bridge

The interior of the ground floor is reminiscent of an old cellar, furnished with wooden furniture, decorated with interesting decorations, posters and photos from the jazz era.

So the Bluelight Bar is a good spot to enjoy a cocktail while listening to some good jazz.

Lucerna Rooftop

From the Lucerna Passage you can take the Paternoster lift to the top. There you will find a really cool location. Enjoy a drink while overlooking the roofs of Prague. There are several terraces, which gives it a very unique flair. Maybe you are lucky and one of the guests will play the piano, which just waits to get played. There are also regular lectures, movies projections and live concerts.

Just make sure to check the opening hours of the Lucerna Rooftop, as it could otherwise happen that you pay the CZK150 (~EUR6) entrance fee, buy a drink to watch the sunset, only to then be kicked out. But apart from that, it’s totally worth heading there.

And that’s your complete list on where to eat in Prague along with where to drink.

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