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What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About Venus Retrograde Ending



As a refresher, Venus has been retrograde in the sign of Leo since July 23, and will go direct on Sunday, September 3. Being the planet of love and abundance, when Venus goes retrograde, it’s a time for us to reassess our relationships, as well as our connection to joy and abundance.

And according to astrology expert Imani Quinn, this time around, Venus going direct is actually ending an eight year cycle for us in relationships, offering a prime opportunity to reflect on the relationship patterns that have shown up for you the past eight years.

As such, she suggests asking yourself which of those patterns you want to keep and which ones are dying away. This retrograde has helped us “delve deeper into self love and reevaluate our boundaries, values, and dynamics in our relationships, as well as our finances and abundance,” Quinn explains.

Depending on which house Leo rules in your birth chart, the impact of this retrograde gets further nuanced, such as for Leos, who have felt this retrograde in their first house of identity, or Tauruses, who have been impacted in their fourth house of home and family.

Now that Venus is moving direct, the question is who we’re going to be moving forward. “Essentially, how has the summer changed you? What lessons did you learn this summer as it pertains to what house it’s in for your sun sign? And now how are you applying those lessons?” Quinn tells mindbodygreen.

Here’s a closer look at how Venus moving direct will impact your sign—be sure to check your sun and rising sign!


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