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Users Swear mindbodygreen’s lip balm Lasts All Day Long



This balance does a few things for the lips. First, humectants (such as hyaluronic acid) attract water. Think of them as super magnets for moisture. While they’re good at pulling water in, they’re not as talented at keeping it there. Left to their own devices, they’ll end up drying the skin out. This is why they need to be paired with emollient and occlusive ingredients.

Emollients soften and condition the skin—sinking in, filling in cracks in the barrier, and restoring lipids. These are the nourishing ingredients, such as moringa seed oil, castor oil, butters, and vitamin E. Occlusive ingredients (such as your waxes and thick oils) create a seal over the skin, trapping moisture underneath and protecting the epidermis from drying out. 

When these all work together, that’s when you get lasting hydration. As user Ava M. wrote in, “This lip balm truly makes my lips feel soft and smooth without any stickiness or tackiness. And the effects last and last!” And Lexi B. agreed, writing, “One of the few lip balms that stays on like a shield to keep moisture in.” As Rachel wrote, “Unlike other lip balms, this one doesn’t fade immediately and it does really help your lips stay moisturized even after it comes off or sinks in (after about an hour or more). Your lips won’t feel super dry again after that. I would highly recommend this!”

Using the right blend of ingredients is key for lasting hydration, we also wanted to make sure the ingredients themselves were top-shelf quality. For example, the cold-pressed, organic moringa seed oil is chock full of omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which provide healthy aging benefits. For example, one 2014 study found that the use of a moringa leaf extract enhanced skin revitalization1 and supported “anti-aging” skin effects. Not to mention, it’s very soothing. As Simone wrote in, “I was attracted to the moringa oil in the lip balm as it’s so good for sensitive skin. It’s so soothing that I can’t be without it.” 

It’s also petroleum-free. We skipped the ingredient for its environmental concerns, but still wanted the notable softness that it can offer formulas. To achieve that we used castor jelly, a natural dupe of the ingredient. (Read more here.) As Patricia D, wrote in, “I recently began to have a bad reaction to petroleum-based products. I was delighted to find this. Works well without drying out my lips.”


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