Home Top 10 The official Xbox headset just got a very rare discount

The official Xbox headset just got a very rare discount

The official Xbox headset just got a very rare discount


Rarely in stock and even rarer to see it with a discount attached, Microsoft’s official Xbox Series X/S headphones are now at one of their lowest prices yet. 

The Game Collection has just launched its summer sale and the official Xbox headset is just one such product to receive a timely price cut. Right now you can buy the Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Headset for just £69.95, down from an RRP of £89.99.

One of the main reasons why these headphones are so rarely reduced is because of the incredible value-for-money they offer, even at the full asking price. If Microsoft intended to allow users to experience quality headphones without breaking the bank, that’s certainly been achieved here. 

The official Xbox headset at a very rare discount

Microsoft’s brilliant value-for-money Xbox headset just became even better value thanks to this deal.

  • The Game Collection
  • Was £89.99
  • Now £69.95

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The first thing that deserves praise is the design. The headset is minimalist, without unnecessary RGB lighting, whilst also being very comfortable. The ear cups are larger than average which makes the headset more accessible for those with bigger ears. Our reviewer was especially impressed with the control dials, which are highly intuitive and far less fiddly than buttons, maximising their accessibility.

The audio experience and feature list are also fantastic. The headset features more bass than you’ll know what to do with, but that isn’t a problem once you spend a couple of minutes adjusting the equaliser and you’ll be left with a very well-rounded and powerful Dolby Atmos-powered performance. The most impressive feature is the seamless multi-device pairing, allowing you to interact with a console, PC and mobile phone simultaneously with no effort.

If there’s one thing the headset lacks it’s active noise cancellation, but that is a feature normally unique to headsets far above the £100 mark. So, if you want a quality headset that pairs seamlessly with your Xbox, grab this pair today from The Game Collection at an incredible discount.


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