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Top 55 Fun Things To Do At Home Today!

Top 55 Fun Things To Do At Home Today!

Looking for something step by step entertaining things to do at home especially during social distancing? This massive collection includes something for everyone, whether you’re alone, trying to keep your family entertained, or simply bored!

When you know you’ll be spending a lot of perfect time at home and don’t want to waste it gazing at the paint on the wall, this list should be your first stop. These pleasant, beneficial, and time-consuming hobbies are the ideal things to do at home, regardless of the purpose or duration.

Here are list of 55 family and self activities to keep you from getting cabin fever due to the coronavirus:

1. Host a Costume Party.

Host a Costume Party

Halloween is usually the only time we can get away with wearing costumes. Putting on a costume and playing is a lot of fun.

Organize an event when everyone is required to wear a costume. (Here are some costume ideas!) That evening, get dressed up and have your supper. Play games like board games and simply have a good time.

Choose a historical period or movie characters to make it a “themed” costume party. It may be tailored to your preferences.

2. Get a 365-Day Project Started

Get a 365-Day Project Started

A 365-day project is a tiny activity that you do every day for a year, and it’s a fun way to spice up your daily routine. While you can accomplish practically anything, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Make a unique self-portrait.
  • Make a journal entry.
  • Make contact with a family member or a friend.
  • Meditate.
  • Create a modest work of art.

3. Rooftop Stargazing

Rooftop Stargazing

If you have access to your roof, it may be an ideal spot for some good old-fashioned stargazing. Looking up at the stars has an intrinsically mystical and romantic quality to it.

4. Make a Scrapbook for Your Couple with family photos

Make a Scrapbook for Your Couple with family photos

You and your partner are bound to have a lot of lovely memories together, so why not create a scrapbook to document them all? Bring all of your photographs and mementos together in one place.

5. Go To A Workout Class With Your Partner

Go To A Workout Class With Your Partner

Staying at home might be the ideal approach to get in shape, and doing out together can motivate each other. When couples witness the effects on one other’s bodies, they are typically quite encouraging.

6. Begin a New Tradition With Your Friends

Begin a New Tradition With Your Friends

Being in a relationship entails more than being passionate and romantic. It entails getting to know each other and developing habits that are comfortable for both of you. A great example of this is starting a new custom together.

7. Online Video And TV Series To Watch Or Stream

Online Video And TV Series To Watch Or Stream

When it comes to the internet and movie night, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. One of the most rewarding things in the world may be as easy as watching your favourite series online.

8. Take part in online games

Take part in online games

These days, there are a plethora of online games to choose from. If you want to hang out with your pals but can’t due of various constraints, this is a terrific choice.

9. Take a virtual tour of the city

Take a virtual tour of the city

Yes, virtual tours exist, and you’d be shocked at how fascinating they can be. You may, for example, take a tour of one of NASA’s research facilities and learn everything there is to know about space and complete your one bucket list.

10. Participate in Quizzes

Participate in Quizzes

Quizzes on the internet may be a lot of fun, especially if you want to learn more about one of your favourite topics or cooking show or even learn a new language . You may, for example, take a Lord of the Rings quiz to see how well you know this realm.

11. Make Memes of Your Own

Make Memes of Your Own

It’s now or never to become a meme master. Choose a meme format, select some amusing jokes, and make memes that your friends will enjoy. It’s a lot less difficult than you would assume.

12. Make It As A YouTube Star

Make It As A YouTube Star

What’s to stop you? If you want to be a celebrity these days, YouTube is a great place to start. All you need is a brilliant channel concept, a large audience, and something to keep people interested.

13. Learn Investing

Learn Investing

Why keep your money in a bank account when you might put it to better use? You may make a lot of money online by investing with the correct amount of study and discipline. This can be one of the things to do when bored at home

14. Start Reading

Start Reading

There’s a whole new world out there waiting for you. It may seem corny, but reading has immense power. Reading is always intriguing, from science fiction to memoirs and much more. Best way is to join a online book club.

15. Weightlifting/Exercise


Staying at home might be the ideal opportunity to get back in shape. Even 20 minutes of exercise per day may provide amazing effects; all you have to do is take the initial step and begin exercising consistently.

16. Take Online Courses

Take Online Courses

There are a plethora of fantastic online classes available, many of which are free. If you can conceive of a talent or subject you’d like to study, there’s certainly an online class for it being one of the fun things to do when your bored at home.

17. Make a Schedule for Your Days

Make a Schedule for Your Days

Making a timetable is the key to avoiding boredom. It’s easy to avoid those moments when you’re gazing at a wall, wondering where your day went when you know exactly what you’re going to accomplish each day.

18. Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality

Make Your Dream Vacation a Reality

Even if you are unable to go at this time, you may still arrange your ideal vacation so that everything is ready to go when you are. Make a fantastic schedule that includes a variety of sights and activities.

19. Create a Melted Sculpture

Create a Melted Sculpture

If you Google “melted art,” you’ll find a plethora of fantastic art pieces. If you’re bored at home, it’s one of the most enjoyable activities you can do, especially with friends and family.

20. Make Your Own Bird Feeders To Hang In Your Yard

Make Your Own Bird Feeders To Hang In Your Yard

When you bring a variety of intriguing birds to your backyard, it will be ten times better. It’ll be enjoyable to make your bird feeders, and then you’ll be able to enjoy them for years as you watch amazing species fly past.

21. Host a Tea Party in the Backyard

Host a Tea Party in the Backyard

Allow your inner child to come out and pretend to host a tea party or a dinner party. Make a full-fledged tea party with fine teacups, a blanket, and, of course, teddy bears.

22. Shaving While Wet Or a Bubble Bath

Shaving While Wet Or a Bubble Bath

Wet shaving is a one-of-a-kind, time-honored ritual that is incredibly enjoyable.

23. Producing Electronic Music

Producing Electronic Music

What’s keeping you from becoming the next famous DJ? Music software is simple to get by these days, so what’s stopping you?

24. Chandlery


Why spend money on candles when you can manufacture your own in just a few simple steps? This is a really enjoyable activity.

25. Think about what your house has to offer.

Think about what your house has to offer

Not every one of the activities listed above is feasible in everyone’s living room or home. If you live in a city flat, you generally don’t have a yard in which to establish a garden. Taking over the stove for an entire night of cooking will make you quite disliked if you share a kitchen with roommates.

As a result, you may start to narrow down your alternatives by analysing which activities to undertake at home are just unrealistic.

26. Decorate Your Closets

Decorate Your Closets

Few activities are more rewarding than decluttering an out-of-control closet. If you’re looking for some motivation, Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a terrific place to start, and you can also watch her Netflix show.

27. Go for a walk in your backyard

Go for a walk in your backyard

Are you stuck at home and need some fresh air? Take a stroll around your property. Instead, if you live in an apartment like me, open a window or relax on your terrace.

28. Teach your dog a new skill

Teach your dog a new skill

It’s time to take things to the next level if your dog already learns basic commands like sit, stay, and down.

29. Find a peaceful spot to meditate in.

Find a peaceful spot to meditate in

Meditation is a great technique to gain some perspective in your life. Don’t know where to begin? Download an app like Calm or read this beginner’s introduction to meditation.

30. Reunite with an old coworker

Reunite with an old coworker

Despite the fact that many of us spend more time with our coworkers than we do with our own families, it’s easy to lose contact after changing professions. Check up with a former coworker on LinkedIn or Facebook to see what they’ve been up to… you might be surprised!

31.Revise your resume and then search for a new job

Revise your resume and then search for a new job

In and of itself, looking for a new career may be a full-time job. When you have some free time (even if it’s only for a few minutes), update your CV and LinkedIn page. Use the opportunity to explore what you’d need to do to change industries if you’re unhappy with your present job path.

32. Get your coloured pencils out!

32.  Get your coloured pencils out!

Adult colouring is a great way to connect with your inner kid. It’s enjoyable, simple, and soothing, and anyone can do it… even my father-in-law like it! To help you started, here are some free resources:

33. Make a Christmas tree.

33. Make a Christmas tree.

Do you have any old cupcake liners? This paper tree project may be used to construct decorations for several holidays throughout the year, depending on the colours chosen. Liners in red and green?

Christmas! What’s the connection between orange and black? Halloween! What about pink and white? Valentine’s Day is upon us! What will your family’s next holiday be?

34. Make a flag out of a basketball pennant.

Make a flag out of a basketball pennant

Even if the NBA season has been halted, you may still celebrate your child’s favourite sport

35. Make some cuddly creatures.

Make some cuddly creatures.

Make these cuddly animals to keep your children’s hard-boiled eggs toasty warm. When eggs aren’t on the menu, they can also be used as little puppets!

36. Make a set of elegant hairpins out of felt.

With some felt shapes, glue, and some imagination, you can turn regular bobby pins into your child’s new favourite item.

37. Make some owl eye pillow masks

With this lovely eye mask, your little night bird will be thrilled to sleep. Make this craft with your kids before lunchtime so it’ll be ready for naptime!

38. Dress yourself like Yoda with these Yoda ears.

These ears will transform your child into a smart, ancient jedi master in no time. To make quick cow ears, round up the ends and use black and pink felt. You can make the prettiest lamb ears out of white and pink felt. Who’s up for a game of make-believe now?

39. Make crowns out of pipe cleaners

What princess (or prince) would be caught without their crown when it comes to dressing up? With just a few resources, you can build three lovely (and bejewelled) crowns.

40. Start a garden

It’s a lot of fun to grow your own food. Whether you have the room for a huge garden or just a few herbs, give it a try. If you are unable to leave the house, contact your local garden store to see if they would deliver. If not, Amazon’s Garden & Outdoor centre has everything you need (including seeds, plants, soil, and plants).

41. Clean your makeup brushes

How long has it been since you cleaned your makeup brushes? Although specific brush cleaning equipment are available, you may achieve the same results using warm water and light soap (such as hand soap or a moderate face wash). After you’ve washed the brushes, gently squeeze them out with a clean cloth before laying them out to dry overnight.

42. Make enough dinners for a week

Prep a week’s worth (or a few days’ worth) of meals now to alleviate dinnertime tension. Make a menu plan first, and keep things simple by selecting foods that may be used in numerous nights (like curry and rice for dinner Monday, and fried rice on Friday). Then set aside a few hours to cook the dish or prepare the ingredients for the recipe.

43. Create new outfits by mixing and matching your wardrobe

Do you have clothing in your closet that you never wear? I’m the same way! Spend some time in your closet, rather than depending on old favourites, experimenting with fresh combinations. You could even make a capsule outfit if you’re feeling very driven.

44. Take on that house renovation project

Why not cross that annoying repair item off your to-do list for good? You’ll be overjoyed when it’s finished!

45. Sit on the couch and cuddle up

Cozy up on the couch with some blankets and a loved one. Allow the worries of the day to slip away.

46. Make a family music video

Why not produce your own music video with your kids if you’re searching for something unusual to do with them? All you need is a camera phone, a catchy tune, and a little imagination!

47. Sign up for tiktok

If, on the other hand, you’re searching for a fresh diversion, why not give TikTok a shot on social media? It’s the ideal setting for you to show off your incredible (or even humiliating!) dancing talents.

48. Play charades

Don t forget! Charades is a traditional game for a reason, and it may be enjoyed by people of all ages. Gather the family and start guessing!

49. Try something you’ve pinned on pinterest

Do you pin a lot of things on Pinterest but never make anything from them? Guilty! Take a few minutes to go over your boards, then push yourself to make something.

50. Line up many dominoes… then knock them all down

Setting up a line of dominoes and then watching them fall can give hours of pleasure for both children and adults. Especially after you start watching YouTube for domino chain reactions!

51. Prepare breakfast for dinner

If you have a breakfast-loving family, serve their favourites at dinnertime.

52. Sing out loud your favorite songs

Don t forget! Did you know that singing can help you cope with stress and anxiety? So put on your favourite music and start singing loudly. Pop music, Broadway show tunes, and Disney songs will all work!

Final Conclusion

When you have a few hours to kill at when you are stuck at home, there’s no excuse to be sad. You don’t have to accept dullness as a reality. With the activities listed above, you’ll never run out of things to do at home to keep you engaged and productive, whether you just have thirty minutes or three days to spend inside.

All you have to do now is select which of our suggested activities appeals to you. So go ahead and start looking and have fun. You’ll realise it’s truly home sweet home once you begin one of these hobbies.

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