Home Top 10 The Galaxy S21 is now a steal with this £265 deal

The Galaxy S21 is now a steal with this £265 deal

The Galaxy S21 is now a steal with this £265 deal


You can currently pick up a pristine Samsung Galaxy S21 for just £265, which is a great deal.

We’re always celebrating the new and shiny here on TrustedReviews, and with good reason. It’s good to take a beat to appreciate slightly more seasoned tech, however, especially when it can still do an outstanding job for a brilliant price.

That leads us to this deal for the Samsung Galaxy S21. VOXI is currently offering refurbished models of the 2021 flagship, in ‘great’ condition, for just £264.60. Just scroll down and click the ‘Pay total today’ box to reveal the full up front value.

Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for just £265

VOXI is selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21 handsets, in ‘Great’ condition’, for just £265.

  • VOXI
  • Refurbished ‘Great’ condition
  • Now £264.60

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Just to be clear, VOXI’s definition of ‘Great’ is that it there are “minor signs of use on the casing or the screen, such as light marks or barely visible scratches”. In other words, it’s pretty darned fresh.

Battery health is guaranteed to be at 80% or higher, while the Vodafone-owned budget-focused offshoot supplies a 32-point check on every used handset that passes through its doors.

But the real win here is VOXI’s 24-month warranty. Now that inspires confidence.

Suffice to say, you’re getting a much better phone than any brand new phone worth the same money – or even considerably more.

We scored the Galaxy S21 a very respectable 4 stars out of 5 in our review, concluding that “It has a lovely screen, a reliable camera and a slick new design that feels a little bit futuristic. The basics are here and they’re all done excellently.”

If you’re looking for an affordable phone, then, this Galaxy S21 deal punches well above its weight.


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