Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is showing how far gone the impeachment train is by comparing President Biden to OJ Simpson.

Gaetz said on Newsmax:

It’s ridiculous that for the sake of democracy what some of these glorified librarians masquerading as election officials are telling us is that we have to have fewer choices in deciding who our own leaders are. And so it’s pretty easy to diagnose the two tier justice system that we have now 91 charges against President Trump . Meanwhile you’ve got a pile of evidence against Joe Biden strong enough to convict  OJ Simpson in South Central Los Angeles.

And yet we’re sort of tepidly talking about maybe Beginning an inquiry. We have bank records. We have flight logs. We have changes in administration policy if we aren’t willing to impeach Joe Biden with the evidence we have Why are we even looking? So the question is whether or not Republicans will have sufficient spine to do what is necessary. I also think that we’ve got this real converging crisis on government funding right now, Greg and you know the way to go after the deep state. The way to stop this stuff is to cut the money off. I’m very disappointed. We don’t have the 12 individual appropriations bills that we demanded in January, and we’re probably gonna have to do something about that.

Video of Gaetz:

Republicans are trying to sell America on the idea that Joe Biden is an OJ Simpson level criminal. Put aside the fact that Gaetz’s comment was racist, because Gaetz assumes that OJ was in South Central, when he was a wealthy man living Brentwood, and focus on the idea that Republicans are trying pass off 80 year old going to church every weekend Joe Biden as some sort of a criminal mastermind.

Trying to turn Biden into OJ in the public eye is not an easy task, which is why Gaetz’s over the top comments are likely to be met with eyerills by the vast majority of the nation.

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