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President Biden Is Getting Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump

President Biden Is Getting Ready To Drop The Hammer On Trump


With the Republicans not challenging him and President Biden not campaigning yet, Trump has had a free ride, but things are about to get very bumpy for the criminal defendant/presidential candidate.

CNN reported:

President Biden has really increasingly sharpened his attacks against former President Donald Trump as the two men head towards a possible match up a rematch one year away from this month. Now, the president has been making these comments in some of his official speeches but mostly in those off camera private fundraisers and an adviser I spoke with said that the president in particular really wanted to push back on former President Donald Trump for his recent comment likening using the word vermin to describe political rivals.

The president in a San Francisco fundraiser this week said that that kind of language is quote you heard in Nazi Germany in the thirties. And he added, there’s a lot of reasons to be against Donald Trump, but damn he shouldn’t be president. Now this all comes as the president has faced this polling that has worried some Democrats as these hypothetical head-to-head matchups, including one from CNN have shown former President Trump leading Biden very narrowly and there has been some pushback from allies who have wanted to see the president and his team take a more forceful approach with Trump. One Democratic fundraiser told me bluntly, quote, quote, Joe is going to take the gloves off and start to engage with facts instead of BS.

Video of CNN reporting on Biden:

Even though the polls are total trash at this stage, Democrats have been feeling nervous because President Biden hasn’t been out campaigning and pushing back in public remarks because he is busy handling issues that the war between Israel and Hamas, Ukraine’s fight to remove Russian invaders from their soil, and building a historically good economy and jobs market.

While Trump is traipsing around from courthouse to courthouse, Biden is busy being president.

The day is coming soon when Trump’s free ride will end and the fight for democracy and rights will be on.

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