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Pixel 8 Pro hands-on images confirm matte finish

Pixel 8 Pro hands-on images confirm matte finish


We’re about a week out from Google’s big Pixel 8 launch event, and we’ve just received a couple of clean hands-on images of the Pixel 8 Pro showcasing its tidy matte finish.

The shots stem from social media, having cropped up on both Facebook and the Google News Telegram account. The latter comes with some accompanying blurb claiming that this is a “more final device” than the prototype that was previously snapped and posted online.

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They appear to be the genuine article, though, offering a clear look at the front and rear of Google’s next flagship phone.

Pixel 8 Pro hands-on leak front and back
Image: Facebook

We’re most interested in the rear shot, which seems to confirm by the play of the light that Google is shooting for a matte finish with the Pixel 8 Pro. We also get another look at that gaping maw of a camera array. Don’t look too closely. It’ll swallow you.

As for the front image, it seems to confirm that the display will be flatter than the Pixel 7 Pro’s. This is a good thing, as far as we’re concerned. There isn’t too much to be drawn from the text itself, other than further confirmation that the leak comes from Vietnam.

Google will be holding its official launch event on October 4, which is exactly a week today. Alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, we’re expecting to see the Pixel Watch 2 announced.

Indeed, among the extensive leaked materials to have emerged in recent weeks, we learned that at least some territories will be getting a free Pixel Watch 2 with their Pixel 8 Pro pre-orders.


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