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Pallas In Libra 2023: What This Shift Means For The Collective



As a sign, Libra is easily the most relationship-oriented of them all, placing high priority on cooperation, harmony, fairness, and justice. So with Pallas moving into Libra on September 13, Quinn says, there will be an extra emphasis on our relationships all around.

“And if you look at the bigger scope here, Venus just came out of retrograde at the beginning of September, and Mercury’s coming out of retrograde on September 15,” Quinn tells mindbodygreen, adding, “So Pallas moving into Libra on the 13th is shifting us into a place with extra support and invitation to start making those necessary changes in our relationships.”

That’s how we can expect to feel this shift on an individual level, and then collectively, Quinn notes we’ll be prioritizing justice on a larger scale. Fittingly enough, she adds, Pallas in Libra will see us through election season here in the U.S., bringing extra attention to politics and social change.

“It’s just going to continue shedding light on areas that aren’t working in our politic and collective systems, Quinn says, adding that while we can expect some disruption, “It’s only to shift us into a better place.”

The only caveat with Pallas in Libra, she adds, is that Libra can be an indecisive and codependent sign. So since Pallas-Athena is all about discerning your intuition, she explains, pay attention to where your intuition is coming from. “Don’t get so wrapped up in your mind that you lose sight of your intuition—because your intuition is not going to be intelligence of the mind, it’s intelligence of the heart and intelligence of the gut,” she says.


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