This week, left wing protesters who are siding with Hamas over Israel took over and shut down the Bay Bridge in California.

This decision not only prevented people from getting to work, it prevented couriers from delivering organs needed for transplant surgeries. Imagine being in the hospital for life-saving surgery and learning that the organ you’re depending on can’t reach you because some protesters have decided that their stunt is more important than your life.

It is for this and other obvious safety reasons that shutting down roadways should not ever be allowed as an acceptable form of protest.

ABC 7 in the Bay Area reported:

Around 80 protesters arrested after abandoning cars, blocking westbound Bay Bridge, CHP says

Around 80 protesters have been arrested and cars have been towed after they blocked all westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge Thursday morning.

The protest started around 7:45 a.m. and no cars were able to get into San Francisco for hours. Westbound lanes of the bridge could be seen empty as traffic backed up and all lanes didn’t reopen until just before noon.

Images show cars blocking the lanes on the eastern span of the bridge as the protesters call for a cease-fire in the Middle East.

Protesters were lying down with white sheets over their bodies that said “Stop the genocide.”

It wasn’t just commuters stuck in traffic. UCSF tells ABC7 News that three couriers trying to deliver organs for transplants were also caught in the delays. At least one surgery was canceled.

“We expect there will be more problems with patients in the afternoon who are trying to arrive now for surgery,” explains Garrett Roll, Associate Professor of Transplant Surgery at UCSF.

Just look at these fools.

The left will not stop doing this until there are harsh consequences for doing it.


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