Home Top 10 Forget the PS5, the Xbox Series X is now much cheaper

Forget the PS5, the Xbox Series X is now much cheaper

Forget the PS5, the Xbox Series X is now much cheaper


If you’ve not yet made the transition to the current generation of consoles, EE is doing its level-best to try and entice you. The Xbox Series X has a stunning discount on its site for Black Friday.

Fancy the best gaming experience Xbox has to offer? That’s what you get from the Series X and this price reduction makes its top-tier performance even better value for money. The Xbox Series X is down £100 to just £379 at EE right now.

EE has an Xbox Series X steal of a deal. Grab £100 off.

There’s been no better time to nab a new Xbox Series X if you’ve been on the lookout for one. EE has slashed the cost by £100, now just £379.

High-end gaming performance can cost an absolutely fortune, especially if you’re trying to kit out a PC with 4K-capable kit. But, the Xbox Series X offers a great way to get quality modern gaming visual for under £100, and this discount brings that price down even further.

The Xbox Series X was previously priced at £479 on EE, making this a solid saving of £100 on the console. It’s currently beating Amazon’s effort too, which has the Series X up at £409.99 right now. The deal is even sweeter if you’re considering buying Diablo IV as well, which only bumps the price up £10 to £389.

Is the Xbox Series X worth buying?

Our review of the Xbox Series X two years after release


  • Sleek and premium design
  • Xbox Game Pass offers a stunning level of value
  • Quick Resume is a game changer
  • SSD makes games and applications faster than ever


  • User interface and overall design is very familiar
  • Not as many high-quality exclusives as PS5 and Switch

The Xbox Series X may not offer the luxury exclusives that the PS5 does but its combination of high-end performance, the excellent value-for-money that Xbox Games Pass offers and the Quick Resume innovation make for a strong competitor. You get a wondrous 4K resolution alongside ray-tracing effects and a super fast SSD. That SSD enables Quick Resume, which is the ability to dodge from game to game seamlessly. You’ll have to pay the extra £12.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass UItimate once you’re beyond its free trial but it offers up hundreds of games for your money, including plenty of multiplayer titles and cloud gaming too.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Xbox Series X review

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