It seems like every other week, a liberal media outlet runs a story expalining why people should eat bugs, usually to save the planet from climate change.

National Public Radio calls this a right wing conspiracy. Really. Look at this:

This right wing conspiracy theory about eating bugs is about as racist as you think

“I will not eat the bugs” became a meme on 4chan and emerged in conservative talk shows and political speech. But why has it gained traction? In this week’s Code Switch, Gene Demby and NPR reporter Huo Jingnan dive into the sprawling conspiracy theory behind it. Proponents of the theory lean on the anti-semitic trope that “global elites” have a plot to control the masses — in this case under the guise of climate change solutions — by forcing them to eat bugs.

Hot Air points out that NPR has pushed this very idea, repeatedly:

What’s amusing is that NPR has been a proponent of the “Eat the bugs, dammit!” movement itself. A quick search of their archives finds several stories about the benefits of eating bugs, and there are countless examples of environmental extremists who are deeply concerned by cow farts wanting us to substitute animal protein with insect protein.

NPR is obsessed with the bug-eating controversy. Earlier this year they did another story about this very subject, in which they simultaneously argued that nobody wants you to eat bugs, but also that you really should want to eat bugs and it is racism and colonialism to reject the idea.

Look at the tweets below:

NPR is a joke and they should be defunded.

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