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Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business vs Surface Pro 9: What’s new?

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business vs Surface Pro 9: What’s new?


Microsoft has finally unveiled the Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business following months of speculation. 

This new device is for commercial customers only, and so won’t become available to buy on Microsoft’s consumer website. The standard Surface Pro 10 is expected to be revealed in May 2024 instead. 

With that disclaimer out of the way, what do we know about the new  Surface Pro 10 for Business, and how does it compare to the preceding Surface Pro 9? We’ve created this comparison guide to highlight the key differences, so check them out below. 

New Intel Core Ultra processors

The biggest new addition is the Intel Core Ultra processor, which marks the 14th generation of Intel Core chips. By comparison, the Surface Pro 9 is powered by Intel’s 12th Generation processors, which are now two generations behind. 

We’ve already seen the new Intel Core Ultra chips ship with a variety of new Windows laptops in 2024, including the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED, so we know that the processor offers a big performance boost compared to its predecessors.

Microsoft is also increasing the amount of RAM available. The Surface Pro 10 for Business now supports 64GB of memory, while the Surface Pro 9 was restricted to up to 32GB. The integrated NPU also allows the new Surface laptop to benefit from additional AI features, while Microsoft claims the Intel chip allows for a battery life of up to 19 hours.

There is no Qualcomm chip configuration available here, but that’s normal for Microsoft’s “For Business” range. We’re expecting to see a new Qualcomm-powered Surface Pro 10 become available later this year, so keep your eyes peeled if that’s of interest. 

And whereas 5G was reserved for the Qualcomm model previously, Microsoft says it’s planning an Intel-powered 5G option for the Surface Pro 10 for Business in the future.

Updated anti-reflective screen

Rumours indicate that Microsoft will be updating the consumer version of the Surface Pro 10 with an OLED screen, which would be a huge improvement on the Surface Pro 9. However, Microsoft has sadly not bestowed the Surface Pro 10 for Business with the sought-after OLED panel. 

That’s not to say there hasn’t been any improvements in the screen department. The Surface Pro 10 for Business has been treated to a new anti-reflective panel, which should hopefully make it easier to view the display in harsh sunlight. Microsoft says the screen is now 33% brighter than the Surface Pro 9 too.

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business type cover

New Type Cover

The Type Cover is an important accessory for the Surface Pro, converting the Windows tablet into a makeshift laptop. For the first time in years, Microsoft has made a number of changes to the new Type Cover for the Surface Pro 10 for Business.

The most striking change is the addition of the  dedicated Copilot button, allowing you to summon the AI-powered helper from the press of a button. Copilot allows you to make quick queries or demands, a little bit like ChatGPT.

Microsoft has also increased the font size of the Type Cover’s keys and improved the backlighting for a brighter glow. It’s still made from the same Alcantara material.

Unfortunately, the Type Cover is still not included with the Surface Pro 10 for Business by default, so you’ll need to pay extra for the accessory. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business

Same design as the Surface Pro 9 

Those hoping for a design refresh for the Surface Pro 10 for Business will be disappointed, as Microsoft hasn’t made any changes to the chassis compared to the older Surface Pro 9. 

Microsoft rarely makes major changes to the design of its devices between generations, so this isn’t too surprising. Plus, aside from shaving down the thickness of the bezel, there isn’t a huge amount that Microsoft would likely want to improve upon with the Surface Pro. It has a classy all-metal build, and a handy kickstand built into the rear so you can easily prop it. 

The consumer version of the Surface Pro 10 isn’t expected to receive major updates to the design either, although the potential OLED screen does make it worth waiting for. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 10 for Business webcam

Upgraded webcam

Those who frequently video call colleagues at work may be excited by the news that Microsoft is upgrading the webcam for the Surface Pro 10.

The new front-facing camera has a 114° field of view to squeeze more people into the frame at once, while the video resolution has been boosted to 1400p for more detailed capture.


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