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‘It’s a miracle. We have just seen God do so many things here’

A report from KSL Television documents how dozens of students at Layton Christian Academy, in Layton, Utah, scrambled to help at an accident in their school parking lot, lifting a car up so that a mother and child who had been hit and trapped underneath could be rescued.

The report said the mother and two children were hit, but one child, a 3-year-old girl, was able to scramble free on her own.

The mother and her 2-year-old son couldn’t, being trapped by the weight of the vehicle.

Chris Crowder, an associate pastor of the church that runs the school, and the school CEO, noticed the commotion.

“I didn’t really know what was going on,” Crowder told the broadcast outlet.

“I looked across the parking lot and noticed the car and they were screaming and so I ran over there and I look under the car and I see mom and child underneath the car pinned. It was split second. I immediately just ran into the building because I knew I had to get a lot of people to lift this car. We have about 220 domestic kids and over 300 international kids at the school. They just heard me yell. All these kids from different countries just come running out and lift it up.”

Surveillance video shows school kids running out of the building and surrounding the car to lift.

“An airman from Hill Air Force Base then pulled the mom and child to safety,” KSL reported.

Crowder said the kid heroes, “picked up the car on the one side, 20 to 30 kids, just an inch or two, enough for the air force gentleman (who) was able to pull them out. The kids were heroes, as well as the gentleman that was there and pulled them out.”

The 2-year-old was taken by air ambulance, the mom and girl by vehicle, to be hospitalized.

“The mom has the most serious of the injuries. She is expected to have to undergo several surgeries,” the report said.

Crowder said the situation was very serious.

“The car was resting on mom and she had (her boy) in her arms and I think she protected him.”

He continued, “It’s a miracle. We have just seen God do so many things here and this is one of them. The car went over all three (of them).”

Revolver News said, “In a time when many young people appear desensitized and detached from society, it’s truly heartwarming to witness a large group of teenagers coming together to assist a mother and her two children. All too often, we come across videos of people in distress, and instead of rushing in to help, bystanders stand around, filming with their phones, hoping for a ‘viral hit.’

“However, there’s a glimmer of hope for the future, thanks to the actions of dozens of Christian teens. When they saw a family in need, they jumped into action, running to help and working together to rescue them. Truly heroic behavior from this Christian kids.”

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