Sources have earmarked Sony’s gaming rival will announce big news about the future of Xbox exclusives and other titles coming to Playstation and Switch next week. A series of data-mined leaks have also let the cat out of the bag on Hi-fi Rush, which sparks more rumors of the games that could be making an appearance on other consoles.

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Phil Spencer set out on X to calm the rising tide of questions aimed at the console:

The event in question was reported to have been scheduled for later this month, but the rumor mill working overtime has prompted the Head of Xbox to bump up the announcement.

Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, and Starfield were all Xbox exclusives for console players that are now potentially going to jump the digital gaming divide. We touted Bethesda’s possible hyper-speed jump back to the Playstation earlier this month.

This is something that Xbox gamers aren’t exactly thrilled about as the monetary tug of war to pick the Xbox or Sony console was a huge talking point when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S were gathering a head of steam in the console sales charts.

The choice of what side to pick was decided by Sony and Microsoft’s acquisitions of a gamer’s favorite studios and the titles they generate are now an ‘exclusive’ tethered to that console.

Starfield is an example that split the loyalty of gamers and was a huge win for Xbox. The idea of someone missing out on the next Skyrim in space was too much for those loyal to the Maryland-based gaming studio.

The reception of the space game hasn’t been the fanfare that Microsoft would have wanted, but the possibility of PS5 gamers getting to boldly go may recoup some of the investment in the Bethesday takeover and set a path to other consoles in the future for seemingly exclusive Xbox staples.

So the opportunity presents itself to Microsoft to begin the trading and porting over of titles. Players will be eagerly awaiting what Phil Spencer has to say about the timeframe and games that will be making the jump, while quelling the rumors that Microsoft is pulling out of the console market, despite rumors of two new machines in the works.

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