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Very’s dropped a bargain early Black Friday deal with this PS5 bundle


Black Friday is closing in and retailers haven’t wasted any time in dropping early November deals. This PS5 comes with the latest and greatest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. All now for under £400.

If you’ve decided it’s finally time to grab Sony’s top console, this Very deal has come at the right time. You’re getting a PS5 (Disc Edition) paired with CoD MWIII for £90 off right now, at just £399.

Grab this PS5 CoD MW3 bundle for under £400

Very has slashed the price of this PS5 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bundle with £90 off right now.

Very has created a bumper deal with this one, with the likes of Amazon offering the PS5 (Disc Edition) for £476.97 all on its lonesome. Currys has also been outmanoeuvred by this Very deal, with them offering the same CoD:MWIII featuring deal for £10 more. At under £100 for a top-tier console and the incoming Call of Duty title, it’s a strong pre-Black Friday deal from the pink-laden retailer.

What we like about the PS5

Is Sony’s latest console still worth buying in 2023?


  • Absurdly powerful
  • User interface is refined, accessible and easy to use
  • DualSense controller feels like a true leap forward
  • Backwards compatibility for PS4 games


  • The console is overly bulky
  • Lags behind Series X and S when it comes to loading times

The new slim version of the PS5 might be inbound but the current Disc Edition will still get the job done. We were big fans of the console when it was released, with Sony bringing speedy SSD loading times, 120fps performance, raytracing and stunning 4K detail to the party. The DualSense also really stood out, with PlayStation not sitting on its laurels in the controller department.

Its offering has only enhanced, with phenomenal titles like the 5-star God of War: Ragnarok and 4.5-star Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 coming to the console.

So, that’s the disc edition of the PS5 along with another AAA title, in CoD:MWIII, at £90 from Very. That all makes for a pretty sweet deal, now coming in for under £400.

Looking for a different deal?

Is this deal not the one for you? If you aren’t quite sure what you want in a new gaming experience, then it’s worth considering a gaming laptop as an option. This deal on the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 offers access to AAA gaming at a Full HD resolution. You can nab it for £330 off right now, down from £1,129 to just £799.

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