Home Top 10 Logitech’s MX Mini keyboard just got a much needed price drop

Logitech’s MX Mini keyboard just got a much needed price drop

Logitech’s MX Mini keyboard just got a much needed price drop


One of our only complaints about the Logitech MX Mini mechanical keyboard was its relatively high price. Well, with this deal we can quit our moaning for a while.

Currys is offering the Logitech MX Mini for £89.99. That’s a £60 discount on the rather cheeky £149.99 recommended price.

Logitech MX Mini keyboard price cut

You can save £60 on the excellent Logitech MX Mini keyboard, bringing it down to £89.99. This compact keyboard saves space without the need to compromise.

  • Currys
  • Was £149.99
  • Now £89.99

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We love this keyboard, it’s one of our favourite mechanical keyboards around. It’s incredibly sturdy, has great wireless battery life and the featured Tactile Quiet switches are really comfortable to use.

It’s ideal if you want a smaller footprint from your keyboard as it has a 75% layout with alphanumeric keys and a limited number of function keys. In our review, we felt that smaller layout offered more desk real estate with minimal sacrifices.

It’s also got a super slim design to go with its smaller build. That’s down to the low profile switches on the Tactile Quiet keys, which have a short key travel.

The long-lasting battery will last for ten hours, while you can also connect via a bundled Logo Bolt receiver. There’s backlighting too, although you won’t benefit from RGB lighting.

Our reviewer says you should buy if you’re looking for a keyboard that’ll enable you to conserve a little space on your workspace without compromising on the experience or general performance. You should avoid if you want a lot of software based features.

Our reviewer concluded: “The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini is an excellent, small-form-factor keyboard for office use. Its layout is convenient and general build quality is fantastic, alongside offering an immensely comfortable and responsive typing experience as a result of its Tactile Quiet switches. It may be expensive, and the software functionality may not be as good as the competition, but for a brilliant premium option for your office, this is fantastic keyboard.”


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