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LG’s rotating gaming monitor is now going dirt cheap

LG’s rotating gaming monitor is now going dirt cheap


If you want a gaming monitor with tons of flexibility, you should take a look at this UltraGear model from LG that has a healthy discount.

Pivot it, adjust its height, tilt it to your heart’s content – this LG monitor can do it all and you can save £60 off the RRP by buying it today on Amazon where it is listed for just £219.97.

As mentioned, one of the best features of the UltraGear 27-inch gaming monitor is its flexibility. When you want to watch vertical content or even work on apps that are better suited to an upright set-up then you can do just that simply by rotating the screen.

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor 27GR75Q at a £60 discount

This monitor is not only a pleasure to use visually, it offers a wide variety of uses thanks to its ability to pivot and rotate far more than the competition.

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  • Was £279.99
  • Now £219.97

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This feature is especially useful in a multiple-monitor setup, where you can have a feed running on the LG monitor, while doing more landscape-based tasks on a separate device. This could be potentially very useful if you are, for example, a livestreamer reading your chat while you game. 

LG hasn’t placed all this monitor’s worth on its ability to swivel however. The underlying hardware is also up to scratch for serious gaming. With a 165hz refresh rate, multiple ports and minimal latency, this monitor is ready to take on plenty. One of the most appealing features is its compatibility with both NVIDIA’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync technologies, which both aim to eliminate stutter, screen tearing, and generally make the viewing experience as satisfying as possible.

So if you’re looking for a monitor with plenty of flexibility, either as a main display for gaming or a second monitor packed with useful features, this model is well worth picking up whilst it’s seriously reduced.


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