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How & When To Apply Hand Cream Throughout The Day



When that water evaporates, it creates the opportunity for transepidermal water loss1, a phenomenon in which water literally evaporates from the epidermis into the air around you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this’ll leave your skin even drier than it was before—especially if you rinse with hot water, which evaporates faster

Her ideal timing is anytime under the two minute mark. Rather than setting a stopwatch, just have your cream handy and apply it as soon as you can. “I carry a hand moisturizer with me at all times and apply it within moments of washing or sanitizing my hands throughout the day,” says Bowe.

I’m a fan of mindbodygreen’s postbiotic hand cream, which may not come as a surprise. But I wouldn’t use it (or make it!) if it wasn’t good. 

This formula supports the skin barrier, keeps you hydrated, and will help with the appearance of fine lines. This is all thanks to the innovative blend of antioxidants, lipids, and biotic ingredients. 

It contains biotech pre and postbiotics at shown to improve skin firmness, help with wrinkle prevention and reduction, as well as support epidermis framework regeneration. That’s not all: It contains the wrinkle-reducing coenzyme Q10 for antioxidant support, and a robust assortment of plant-based extracts for extra skin-support nutrients.

The base is a deeply hydrating blend of shea butter, oat oil, aloe, and cold pressed moringa seed oil. I’d be remiss not to highlight the addition-worthy texture: This whipped-thick hand cream that is the perfect balance between dense and non-greasy.

But it’s not the only one out there—so if you’d like to browse around before making a purchase, check out these healthy aging, hydrating creams.  


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