Hunter Biden smoking crack from an image on his laptop and his attorney Kevin Morris smoking a bong in LA.

The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees on Wednesday subpoenaed Hollywood super lawyer and Democrat donor who paid off Hunter Biden’s tax debts.

“We are calling on Kevin Morris to appear for a transcribed interview,” the GOP Oversight said on Wednesday.

“Kevin Morris is a Hollywood lawyer and Democrat donor who reportedly lent millions of dollars to Hunter Biden to help him pay back taxes and pay off his legal bills and China debt,” they said.

Who is Kevin Morris?

Kevin Morris ‘assumed’ $250,000 of Hunter Biden’s debt in 2021 after he took a stake in Hunter’s Bohai Harvest.

In September House Oversight Chairman James Comer revealed Hunter Biden received two bank wires from China and Joe Biden’s Delaware home was listed as the beneficiary address for both wire transfers.

“The first wire sent to Hunter Biden, dated July 26, 2019, was for $10,000 from an individual named Ms. Wang Xin. There is a Ms. Wang Xin listed on the website for BHR Partners. It is unclear if the wire came from that Wang Xin,” according to Fox News.

“The second wire transfer sent to Hunter Biden, dated August 2, 2019, was for $250,000 from Li Xiang Sheng—also known as Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners—and Ms. Tan Ling. The committee is trying to identify Ling’s role,” Fox reported.

It turns out Hunter Biden did NOT pay back the ‘loan.’ Not one Biden paid back the so-called ‘loan’ from Li Xiang Sheng, AKA, Jonathan Li. It turns out Hunter’s lawyer and Democrat mega-donor Kevin Morris ‘assumed’ the debt in 2021 after he took a stake in Hunter’s Bohai Harvest.

“Well, now we know neither Hunter Biden nor any other Biden paid that loan back. Instead, Democrat donor and Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris acquired Hunter Biden’s stake in Bohai Harvest RST (one of Hunter’s China deals) and assumed the debt for Hunter. It’s worth noting that Morris and Hunter first met at a Joe Biden campaign fundraiser in November 2019.” the Oversight Committee said.

Kevin Morris also paid more than $2 million in Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes in addition to a $50,000 donation to Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020.

According to IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, in late 2019-early 2020, Kevin Patrick Morris met Hunter Biden at a campaign finance event and shortly after that paid off several tranches of Hunter’s tax debt between 2020-2021.

Shapley said Hunter Biden wrote on his tax returns that Morris gave him a loan to pay off his delinquent taxes, so the money given is not taxable.

Hunter Biden was also hit with a massive state tax lien – $453,890 – in July 2020 and it was paid off in less than a week. The tax lien was paid off despite Hunter Biden telling an Arkansas judge in his paternity case against his baby mama Lunden Roberts that he was unemployed and broke.

“I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,” said Biden in a Nov. 27, 2019, affidavit. “I currently have significant debts (in part as a result of obligations arising from my divorce which was final in April 2017).”

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