Home Top 10 Clean your dishes on the cheap with this incredible dishwasher deal

Clean your dishes on the cheap with this incredible dishwasher deal

Clean your dishes on the cheap with this incredible dishwasher deal


If your old dishwasher isn’t working as well as it used to, now might be the perfect time to stock up on a new one leading up to Christmas.

The Bosch Series 2 SMV2ITX18G has seen a big price cut when you buy it through AO at the moment, as part of its Black Friday Sales. It costs £399, down from its previous price of £449, a saving of £50. That’s only if you’re not an AO member too – AO members can save an extra £15, paying just £384 for the new dishwasher.

This Bosch model is fully integrated, with a black control panel controlled by push buttons and 12 different place settings, making it adaptable and great for medium-sized households.

Bosch Series 2 SMV2ITX18G Deal

Buy a Bosch Series 2 SMV2ITX18G through AO at the moment and you’ll be paying £50 less. Instead of £449, it’ll cost you just £399.

A cycle will typically take around 270 minutes, with a noise to indicate that the wash has finished or a light to show that the dishwasher is still running. It doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all on washing, though – special built-in sensors can measure how dirty your dishes are, and can adjust the water and temperature settings accordingly.

It’s not just the machine itself that can show you whether your cycle is still running, though. The dishwasher can connect to the Bosch Home Connect app for smartphones. You can use the app to download new programmes, see how much of your cycle is remaining and learn more about the best tips and tricks for your dishwasher. There’s also a delay timer to set the wash to start when you want it.

If you’re unsure about connecting the dishwasher yourself, AO has a couple of services as optional extras. Connection will cost £115, remove and recycle will cost £25 and unpack will cost £5 (all non-AO member prices).

Make the most of this AO deal and you’ll be getting a good deal on a dishwasher that is packed with features and most importantly, cleans well.

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