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Disney Plus price tiers explained: What’s the difference?

Disney Plus price tiers explained: What’s the difference?


It’s been in the offing for a while, but Disney Plus’ price plan has come into effect as of November 1st. Previously, you could only subscribe to just the one plane, now you have the freedom of three choices.

We’ll expand on the differences between the three in term of how much they cost, what benefits you get for each plan, and how the ad-supported plan works.

If you’ve previously subscribed to Disney+ and are interested in getting back in, or are a current subscriber and wondering which plan to choose…

How much does Disney+ cost per month?

With the launch of the Standard with Ads plan, there are now three brackets of Disney+ subscriptions. Regardless of which plan you end up choosing, the catalogue will be the same. Here is what they cost.

Disney+ Standard with Ads: £4.99 / $7.99 / €5.99 /

Disney+ Standard: £7.99 / €8.99

Disney+ Premium: $10.99 / $13.99 / €11.99

Which Disney+ subscription plan is right for you?

Disney Plus all devices
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Disney+ Standard with Ads

The Standard with Ads is, as you’d expect, the cheapest pricing plan; cheaper in fact than when it first launched in the UK, so technically, this is the cheapest Disney+ has ever been.

That does come with the caveat of advertisements, but from the demo we saw, the adverts aren’t too intrusive to the overall viewing experience. Interestingly, there is no option to sign up to a year’s worth of Disney+ on this sub, it’s effectively a rolling monthly sub so you could cancel at any point.

Video resolution is up to 1080p Full HD, you get access to two concurrent streams but you don’t get the ability to download films and shows to your devices. Audio is up to 5.1

Disney+ Standard

In the UK, Disney+/Star combination costs £7.99/month and that gets you 4K HDR streaming and Atmos audio. That is now no longer accessible.

Pay the same price as before and like the Standard with Ads option, video is up to 1080p Full HD and audio is up to 5.1. If you decide to stay at the same price, you are losing that lovely 4K Dolby Vision and Atmos support.

You are, however, free from advertisements, and you do get up to 10 downloads to boot up on your devices. The number of concurrent streams is the same (two), and you also get the benefit of an annual subscription that saves you about two months worth in subscriptions.

Disney+ Premium

For those who can’t live without the mighty combination of 4K HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, you’ll have to pay more to get that going forward. This is effectively the Disney+ experience you were getting before, with four concurrent streams, 10 downloads to devices, and the HDR support. There’s the same choice as with the Standard plan of subscribing monthly or paying all in one go but saving a couple months subscription in the process.

Which Disney Plus plan should you subscribe to?

It all really comes down to how often you watch Disney+, whether you care about advertisements, and if you want the highest quality experience. If the answer to the above is yes / yes / yes, then the Premium plan is the option to go for. It does come at a price, but it is still significantly cheaper than what Netflix is asking for a similar feature set.

The Standard plan would only make sense if you’re not interested in 4K or don’t have any Dolby Atmos compatible equipment to advantage of that support. If you predominantly watch Disney+ on mobile devices, or you’re keen on watching the TV content, which aside from the Marvel/Star Wars series, isn’t as readily available in 4K, it’s probably the plan to get for that.

The Standard with Ads plan is best suited for those who want to save money without dropping access to other subscriptions they have, as well as those who aren’t invested in a 4K HDR/Atmos set-up. This is the one we’d suggest getting if you have smaller screens: tablets, phones, TVs smaller than 50-inches.

Sign up for Disney+

Sign up for Disney+

Disney+ offers access to loads of original shows like The Mandalorian and Hawkeye, classic films and content from big brands like Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.


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