Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and President Joe Biden.


The communist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, orchestrated a new fraud in the primary elections of his country.

The suspension of the primary elections was decreed last Monday, 30, by the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela, controlled by judges aligned with Nicolas Maduro. The Court nullified the primary elections at the request of a congressman linked to Maduro.

Jose Brito, a Chavista congressman, filed a motion in court alleging irregularities in the electoral process.

As reported by TGP in August, the U.S. lifted commercial sanctions on Venezuelan oil under the promise of free elections in Venezuela. The agreement involved the release of five opposition political prisoners, while the Biden administration agreed to ease sanctions on Venezuelan oil, gas, and gold for a period of six months, on the condition that Venezuela would allow free elections in 2024.

However, despite Venezuela’s promise, allies of the current dictator decided to suspend the primary elections that elected right-wing candidate Maria Corina Machado, a Maduro opponent, as the main contender for the 2024 electoral race.

In June, Mrs. Corina Machado was banned by the Venezuelan dictatorship from holding public office for 15 years, in a case of political persecution like the processes imposed on conservative candidates such as Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and Donald Trump in US.

In addition to the suspension of the results, the court ordered the National Primary Commission to provide details of all phases of the process. The entity was responsible for organizing the election.

Despite being unable to participate in elections, Corina Machado was elected to run for the presidential elections with 92% of the votes. In total, more than 2.3 million voters cast their ballots.

The suspension of the results may impact the agreement between Venezuela and the United States, but there is still no information on how Washington intends to proceed in this case.

Maduro, who has been in power since 2013, won the elections in 2018, but the result was not recognized by the opposition. The current Marxist regime has decimated the country.

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