Home Technology Diablo IV updates game to version 1.3.3 – what’s in the new patch?

Diablo IV updates game to version 1.3.3 – what’s in the new patch?

Diablo IV updates game to version 1.3.3 – what’s in the new patch?


Blizzard has pushed a new patch, v1.3.3 to all versions of Diablo IV, It is a sizeable beastie and fixes a lot of issues, along with performing a lot of balance changes and introducing some new content which was recently mentioned in a dev talk.

The patch notes are way too big to replicate in full, so if you want to pursue them yourself you can check them out on Blizzard’s site, but we have gone through them with a fine tooth comb to bring you the top 20 highlights` we think are most important to Diablo IV players.

With the current season well underway, it won’t be long before we start hearing what Blizzard has in store for us for the season. This could be the last major patch before we get to the point.

Diablo IV 1.3.3 Patch Notes – Highlights

Gameplay Updates: Vampiric Powers

  • Vampiric Powers have been adjusted and reintroduced, now available as Legendary Aspects across all tiers.
  • Of Accursed Touch & Metamorphosis: Enhancements to skills like evading turning into a cloud of bats and a chance to inflict Vampiric Curse.

Balance Updates: General & Barbarian

  • Unique Items Adjustments: Significant changes to items like Ring of Starless Skies and Penitent Greaves for better utility.
  • Barbarian Enhancements: Increases in damage and Fury gain for skills such as Bash, Frenzy, and enhancements to Battle Bash.

Druid Changes

  • Druid Skills Boost: Upgrades to Earth Spike, Claw, and Maul for increased damage and Spirit generation.
  • Passive Skills: Enhancements like Bestial Rampage now offer a bigger damage bonus in Werebear form.

Necromancer Updates

  • Book of the Dead: Increased damage and life for Skeleton minions.
  • Skills Adjustments: Changes in Blood Surge and Supernatural Blood Surge to enhance power and reduce enemy numbers’ impact.

Sorcerer Modifications

  • Skills Enhancement: Significant boosts to Incinerate, Hydra, and Ball Lightning for damage output.
  • Paragon Glyph Adjustments: Updates like Frostbite Glyph and Invocation Glyph for increased critical strike chance and damage reduction.

Rogue Revisions

  • Skills & Passives: Heartseeker and Forceful Arrow now have increased attack speed, along with improvements to Flurry and Rapid Fire.
  • Legendary Aspects: Adjustments like Of Encircling Blades and Of Branching Volleys for enhanced damage and effects.

Unique Item and Legendary Aspect Overhauls

  • Gohr’s Devastating Grips & Storm’s Companion: Enhanced ranks and damage for specific skills.
  • Aspect Modifications: Changes to Aspect of Hardened Bones and Blood-Bathed Aspect for better damage reduction and Blood Surge efficiency.

User Interface and Experience Improvements

  • Player Profile Updates: Now displays equipped skills and emblems, alongside cosmetic and seal information.
  • Miscellaneous: Reduction in the cost to craft Uber Unique items.

Bug Fixes: Gameplay and UI

  • Gameplay Fixes: Addressed issues affecting skills, passives, and unintended interactions for a more stable experience.
  • User Interface Fixes: Rectified problems related to profile editing and description inaccuracies.

Developer’s Notes

  • Adjustments for Balance: Notes on the intention behind changes to maintain game balance and ensure enjoyable gameplay.
  • Bug Fixing Philosophy: Explanation of fixes aimed at preventing exploits that could unfairly enhance player power.

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