Home Technology Cannabis and Concentration: Separating Myths from Realities for Students

Cannabis and Concentration: Separating Myths from Realities for Students

Cannabis and Concentration: Separating Myths from Realities for Students


Today, in the wake of cannabis legalization around the world, there are more and more discussions about its effect on the human body. This is a normal process for any innovation. Even with new technologies, most of society resists at first, then doubts, and then accepts. Ultimately, the facts will give an unambiguous answer to the question: “Is the new proposal harmful or beneficial?”

So it is with marijuana. Fifty years ago, smoking was considered a dangerous hobby of marginalized subcultures. Now, the most developed countries at the legislative level allow the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. For example, you can freely buy weed in London by ordering it online. The progressive part of society feels the changes and anticipates the benefits of smoking (or taking in any other form) weed. Today, we will talk about the effect of the Rasta symbol on concentration. Will a few puffs help you study more effectively or not?

Why Are There Stereotypes about Marijuana Harm?

The main myth, often repeated without evidence, is that the chemicals in the plant are addictive and negatively affect the brain. This is the case when a grain of truth or anecdotal evidence forces people to make generalizing judgments.

What is the truth? Any chemical substance, if the dosage is exceeded, can be harmful. So, you can get poisoned, for example, with vitamin C. But not a single normal person will refuse to take vitamins. You just don’t need to eat several kilos of lemons a day.

It’s the same with marijuana. The buds of the plant contain several psychoactive substances — cannabinoids. The most well-known are THC — tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD — cannabidiol. Both of them can actively influence our nervous system and cause various effects. But the same can be said about dozens of other substances contained in the food. By the way, the body produces its own internal analogues of THC and CBD; therefore, smoking a little weed does not harm our health.

The Positive Effects of Cannabis

Now, let’s look at concentration. Can you prepare for an exam when you’re high? Unfortunately, even a professor of medicine will not give you a definite answer. The effects of cannabis are very individual and depend on the strain, dose, and method of consumption. However, you can learn about the possible results with the help of your own experience and a few tips, which we will discuss below.

You need to understand that concentration largely depends on how strongly you react to external or internal stimuli. For example, will you be able to study if your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you? This will probably be difficult. What if loud music is playing in the next room? Smoking weed in such cases can help. CBD — the substance we mentioned above — has a calming effect. This means that you can calm down and study more effectively.

What else do you need to know? Your individual reaction to weed. The biochemistry of each person is unique, as is the number of receptors in the brain. Your reaction depends on how strongly cannabinoids will block or accelerate the impulses in your neurons. The best way to get to know yourself is to start with small doses and different strains. So you can choose the optimal variant and trigger the desired state when you need it.

The main advice that will definitely help you is here. Most often, people smoke to relax or get pleasant emotions. Usually, this happens in a circle of friends and without the intention of doing something important. Our state of mind at such moments is optimal — we experience joy and think less about problems. Such a temporary escape from reality will not make you an irresponsible person but will help you reboot yourself and gain energy for the week.

If you still want to smoke while reading a book or listening to lectures, then do it right. Eliminate distractions that might get in your way and get back to work. Start learning and try smoking. Cannabinoids increase the release of dopamine, the motivation hormone. If you are initially set to work, then dopamine will help you stay focused on the task longer. This is not a guarantee, because while high, you can get distracted, and motivation can be directed to an extraneous task. The essence of the method is to maintain self-control and, at the same time, use the positive effects of cannabis.

Where Can You Find Good Weed?

We said above that the effect is very dependent on the type of weed. If you want to protect yourself from annoying irritants and calm your mind, you should try Wedding Cake Weed in the UK. This strain has an optimal balance of THC and CBD, and its taste and aroma can be called the Chanel No 5 in the world of marijuana. There is no need to be afraid of stereotypes. The task of every smoker is to use cannabis consciously and enjoy its beneficial properties.

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