Home Politics Biden To Make McCarthy And House GOP Pay For Impeachment

Biden To Make McCarthy And House GOP Pay For Impeachment

Biden To Make McCarthy And House GOP Pay For Impeachment


President Biden is preparing an aggressive response to Speaker McCarthy’s evidence-free impeachment investigation.

NBC News’s Peter Alexander said on Morning Joe:

We spoke to aide sources familiar with the effort right now. They say it’s been taking shape for months in the White House Counsel’s Office. They’re preparing this vigorous pushback on this impeachment inquiry. They cast it, in effect, as an evidence-free partisan sham that shows the Republican efforts or, I guess, penchant for chaos, as one White Huse aide told us. Never in modern history has impeachment been based on no evidence whatsoever. As you know, this impeachment inquiry would be focused on the alleged criminal activity by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as part of his foreign business dealings, it would also look into these unproven claims that Joe Biden engaged in bribery or corruption of some kind.

White House aides say to us that they spent much of August sort of reviewing past impeachment efforts. Specifically, they are taking note of what happened back in 1998 with President Bill Clinton. They have looked back to that as a template for their efforts to try to push back against the impeachment inquiry taking place right now. They then accuse the GOP of political overreach. It was politically beneficial for former President Clinton. I think his approval rating went up to 73%. Even former President Trump saw his numbers grow during the more recent impeachment proceedings.

The team, the Biden team, notes this effort, they’ve really done — they’ve made great lengths or great efforts to try to separate this from the day-to-day operations in the White House. This is not attached to the operations they’re most focused on, which is, obviously, running the country, focusing heavily on the economy, which they think will be a driving issue going into the campaign year. But this is some of the new reporting we have. As one aide told us in the simplest of terms, “This is not an evidence-based effort, it is an election-focused effort by Republicans,” 


Biden Will Make Impeachment Hurt For House Republicans


Consider this very likely scenario. The nation is heading for a government shutdown because House Republicans have not passed the appropriations bills to fund the government, and they refuse to agree to a continuing resolution. Speaker Kevin McCarthy steps in front of the television cameras to announce an evidence-free impeachment investigation into the President.

Before the impeachment investigation can begin President Biden and the Democrats have already won as they will argue that instead of making sure that members of the military and people on Social Security get their checks, House Republicans are trying to help Donald Trump with an impeachment stunt.

The fallout from government shutdowns is always worse for Republicans, but when combined with a bogus impeachment probe, it will be a disaster for the GOP.

President Biden is not going to sit back and allow Republicans to engage in an impeachment farce. If they are going to impeach him, the President has built a war room that will politically make them pay for every second that they focus on impeachment instead of the needs of the American people.


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