Home Top 10 Amazon’s dropped an unbelievable Razer Viper Mini deal for Prime users

Amazon’s dropped an unbelievable Razer Viper Mini deal for Prime users

Amazon’s dropped an unbelievable Razer Viper Mini deal for Prime users


Good news for anyone seeking an affordable gaming mouse – Amazon has a 43% discount on the Razer Viper Mini as part of the Prime Day festivities.

One of the best value-for-money gaming mice on the market just became even more affordable thanks to this Prime Day deal. Grab a Razer Viper Mini for only £22.99 today.

Razer has been a household name in gaming for a long time now, especially for its mice – the DeathAdder series in particular has been served millions of gamers very well for nearly two decades, but the Viper Mini really pushes the boundaries of how light and responsive a gaming mouse can be.

Razer’s Viper Mini is more than 40% off on Amazon Prime Day

The exceptionally lightweight gaming mouse from Razer has seen a staggering 43% price reduction, if you need a gaming mouse for a super-low price, this is the deal for you.

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  • Was £39.99
  • Now £22.99

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Despite the Mini in its name, the Razer Viper Mini has all the features you’d expect from a high-quality gaming mouse. Responsive side buttons, optical switches and a high-performing optical sensor make this an esports-grade mouse. It also features 16.8 million colour options from the LEDs courtesy of Razer’s Chroma software. 

The real selling point of this mouse however is the weight – it comes in at only 61g, which is lighter-than-light in terms of gaming mice. This is partially thanks to the size – it is not a mouse recommended for those with especially large hands. But there is another reason many gaming mice attempt to be as lightweight as possible. Having a light mouse means you’re able to swing your mouse across the mat as quickly as possible, hopefully allowing for the fastest aim-adjustment possible in-game. If you’re a keen sniper in games like Counter-Strike, this mouse could be a vital addition to your setup.

For a mouse with all the quality compartments you expect from Razer to cost under £25 is an absolute steal, so make sure you take full advantage of this deal on Prime Day.


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