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5 Productivity Tips That Help Improve My Executive Function



Have you ever actually thought about what time is? Honestly, it’s very strange to me that we all schedule our lives by this human-made, abstract concept that doesn’t actually exist. 

Days and nights I can wrap my head around: The sun comes up—it’s day; the sun goes down, it’s night. Simple. Seasons are clearly marked by changes in the weather, the temperature, etc.—that’s a no-brainer. 

But seconds, minutes, and hours? Nope, cannot compute. Time simply doesn’t make sense to me. As a result, I have no concept of how long something will take, ever.

Whether I’m trying to judge when I should leave for a doctor’s appointment or how much time I should carve out to cook a recipe, I misjudge how many minutes or hours are required for tasks every single day. 

This means I’m chronically late for scheduled events (no matter how important they are), I rarely eat dinner at a reasonable hour, and I often need extensions on work assignments because my brain simply couldn’t judge how long it would actually take.


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