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Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deal: Theragun Pro $250 Off



And the customization doesn’t stop there. The ergonomic head moves between four different positions to ensure you can hit every nook and cranny—whether the strain is on your wrists, neck, or glutes. Plus, you’ll have the choice of six different attachment heads.

The softest option is the SuperSoft Attachment, which is great for super sore muscles or areas near your bones. On the flipside, the Cone attachment offers the highest impact level for pinpointed treatments in the areas you need it most. Other options include a Dampener for bony areas, a Standard Ball for small muscle groups, a Thumb attachment for trigger points, and a Wedge for shoulder blades and IT bands.

Best of all, the Theragun Pro has an impressive 300-minute battery life thanks to two separate batteries. This ensures you can conquer your own treatment and then share with friends or family to ensure everyone gets their recovery session in.


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