Home Technology PlayStation Network Down as issues reported across the board

PlayStation Network Down as issues reported across the board

PlayStation Network Down as issues reported across the board


The PlayStation Network is currently facing issues across all features of the online gaming platform.

The official Playstation Network Service Status page is reporting that across all of the services there are issues affecting users.

PlayStation Network down

Account management, Gaming and Social, Playstation Store, Video and Direct all are sporting red highlights on the service status page.

Status tracking site Downdetector is reporting that the bulk of issues that users are plagued with when attempting to log on are with the server connection to the Playstation Network.

The first outages were reported by the site at 09:51 PST/ 12:51 EST/ 16:51 GMT, so those wrapping up their work day in central Europe will have to wait to get online.

The dreaded #PSNDown is trending on X, with some users taking to the social platform to vent their ire:

Rockstar Games is also confirming the news that the Playstation Network is encountering problems:

There has been no official statement or release on any of Sony’s socials, but hopefully, this unexpected downtime is resolved as soon as possible.

This will be a serious hindrance to the players getting ready to hop on to the platform’s most popular title, Helldivers, and the players gearing up to download Dragons Dogma 2.

Helldivers has seen a surge in players after Arrowhead Studios dropped a new patch that added fire tornadoes and meteors to the game. The update was swiftly followed with new Warbond content that brought new weapons and experimental armor to the game for the first time since launch.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the highly anticipated sequel from Capcom that is set to launch globally on March 21 in the Americas and March 22 for the rest of the world. The fantasy title comes with a 70 GB pre-load, so the server outages couldn’t have come at a worse time for those hoping to have it ready to rock for release.

If there is an extended downtime we’ll be covering the outage as it continues.


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