Home Top 10 Yamaha launches R-N600A network receiver and new MusicCast system

Yamaha launches R-N600A network receiver and new MusicCast system

Yamaha launches R-N600A network receiver and new MusicCast system


A flurry of products are being announced as the IFA electronics event takes place in Berlin and Yamaha has added to the list with its R-N600A network receiver and MusicCast 200 music system.

Starting with the former, the R-N600A is an entry-level receiver built around Yamaha’s pure audio design concept ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) that aims to deliver “the utmost in amplifier performance”.

The unit integrates ESS DACs (SABRE ES9010K2M 384 kHz / 32-bit) that has been used in Yamaha’s higher-end models to reproduce “ultra-high” resolution sound sources with the highest quality.

The R-N600A is compatible with the brand’s original MusicCast network system to stream and share music across devices, and it also incorporates Yamaha’s True Sound feature, a mix of analogue audio technological and digital advancement to create an immersive, high quality music performance. Connections include a sub out for adding an additional subwoofer, phono input for connecting to a turntable and digital optical out to connect to a TV.

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The MusicCast 200 is a multimedia music system that supports a wide-range of audio sources and playback such as Bluetooth streaming, CD, DAB+/FM radio and USB. The addition of MusicCast to the model unlocks multi-room playback and multi-source audio control, and there’s a Qi wireless plate incorporated into the design for charging mobile devices.

Yamaha MusicCast 200
credit: Yamaha

And it comes with integrated 2-wat coaxial speakers, which Yamaha claims offer accurate reproduction over a wide frequency range from “dynamic, solid” bass to high frequencies “rich in harmonic content” and a “naturally” warm midrange.

The onboard DSP (digital sound processing) technology helps to expand the soundstage beyond the confines of its compact enclosure, and there’s a Sound Mode switch with Bass Booster setting for increasing the low end of the frequency range; along with an equalizer function that provides finer control over bass, midrange, and treble.

The R-N600A is priced at £699 / €799 and goes on sale in October, while the MusicCast 200 is priced at £599 / €699, though there’s no word yet on when that will go on sale.


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