Kim Russell is the head coach for women’s lacrosse at Oberlin College. Earlier this year, she defended girls’ sports by sharing something on social media.

Shortly after that, one of her own students brought this to the attention of her superiors and what followed was a series of Orwellian styruggle sessions where she was told that she is an awful person for thinking this way.

She was also instructed to write letters of apology to her students and the school, which she refused to do.

The Independent Women’s Forum is telling her story:

In Kim Russell’s memory, the room had dark energy. Chairs were set up in a circle, and she was at the epicenter. For nearly two hours, Russell, who has been Oberlin College’s head women’s lacrosse coach for five years, recalled feeling critiqued, crushed, and degraded by the condescending and censorious voices of colleagues, players, and friends.

This was one of a series of disciplinary meetings Oberlin College staff subjected Russell to after a post she shared on her personal Instagram account upset students and staff. The post congratulated Emma Weyant, now an Olympian swimmer, who had her first-place podium spot at the 2022 NCAA swimming championships taken from her by transgender-identifying swimmer Lia Thomas.

To protect herself, Russell recorded each meeting, which she believes she was legally entitled to do. Under Ohio law, it is legal to record oral conversations with only one-party consent.

“I was not just chastised,” Russell began, recounting what took place in an interview with Independent Women’s Forum. “I was burned at the stake. I was stoned. I was basically told I was a horrible person, and it was heartbreaking, really.”

Watch the video below, this is truly stunning:

Where are all of the people on the left who claim to care so much about women?

Kim Russell did nothing wrong. Good for her for standing up for girls in sports.

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