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Wizards of the Coast brings the wastelands of Fallout to Magic

Wizards of the Coast brings the wastelands of Fallout to Magic


Wizards of the Coast have taken the irradiated wilds of Fallout’s Wasteland and brought them to the realms of Magic the Gathering (MTG).

The new set showcases a range of characters throughout the history of the gaming franchise and the iconic Pipboy Bobbleheads.

The Walking Dead, Warhammer 40k, and Doctor Who have all been featured in MTG as Universes Beyond sets of content for the tabletop and the digital realm of Arena.

Wizards of the Coast is also responsible for the fantasy setting of the smash hit game Baldur’s Gate 3, which has already seen many of the title’s characters represented in card form.

Split into four sets, the collection follows some of the iconic characters, factions, and settings players have encountered since Fallout 3.

MTG represents the mechanics of the treasured six main releases of Fallout uniquely to cover radiation, energy, junk and the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats of bobbleheads collected throughout the Wasteland.

Scrappy Survivors

The best boy of the rad-soaked lands and everyone’s favorite companion, Dogmeat, leads the Scrappy Survivors set. It also features staples like Galaxy Radio’s DJ Three Dog, known for keeping the Vault Dweller company in the 2008 release of Fallout 3.

Hail, Caesar

The Legion Praetor Caesar takes center stage in the decklist for this set based on the big bad for Fallout: New Vegas. Mr House, the hibernating owner of the Lucky 38 and boss of the post-apocalyptic Vegas strip, makes an appearance in a set that focuses on squad mechanics introduced in Warhammer 40k releases.

Mutant Menace

The weirdest and most elusive West Virginia cryptid, Mothman, leads this deck focusing on monsters and mutants en-mass. This box emulates the franchise’s deadly radiation sickness that the dwellers of the land can bring to daring adventurers who let their Geiger Counters pile on the rads.


One of the most prominent scientific minds, Dr Madison Li commands the deck that focuses on the homebrew technology of Fallout’s setting. Energy counters, similar to the source that runs workbench items like the iconic power armor of the game, are needed to sustain the mechanical creations.

Super-sleuth Nick Valentine, Private Eye, the best gumshoe of the Commonwealth, heroically intervenes in this deck sporting his iconic hat and duster.

Fans of the series can also pick up Collector Boosters that include borderless Vault Boy and Pip-Boy HUD treatments and serialized versions of Vault Boy bobbleheads for each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat.

Dropping on March 8, this limited Fallout-inspired Magic: the Gathering set will be one to keep hidden away in the Vault.

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast.

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