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Why It Matters If Your Pet Is Overweight (And What To Do About It!)



Our pets need nutrition, exercise, and love (not so different from humans!), but it’s important to remember that each pet has different needs. “Your veterinarian is best able to guide you toward the right approach for managing your pet’s weight to help ensure you have as many happy, healthy years together as possible,” says Dr. Karen Shenoy, Chief Veterinary Officer at Hill’s Pet Nutrition US.

Whether your pet is overweight or you’re staying proactive, all pet parents benefit from a weight maintenance plan that balances nutrition, exercise, and regular check-ups at the vet. For precise nutrition, you can count on Hill’s Science Diet. From there, regular exercise is of the essence. Get your dog’s heart rate up (and your steps in) with daily walks, runs, or a swim. Use their favorite toys for fetch and tug-of-war. And for the cat who’d rather be dozing in the sun? Find engaging toys that will get them darting around the living room (nothing beats a white light on the wall). If they’re up for it, try a cat harness and go for a walk.


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