Home Top 10 Why buy anything else when the Pixel 7a is this affordable?

Why buy anything else when the Pixel 7a is this affordable?

Why buy anything else when the Pixel 7a is this affordable?


The Google Pixel 7a does a quality impression of a flagship Pixel and right now you can get it for a startlingly low price.

Mobiles UK is selling the awesome Pixel 7a for just £14.99 a month with 100GB of 5G data. If you’re wondering whether there’s a massive upfront cost to offset this? Nope. It’ll cost just £9 out of the gate and you’re getting the phone in the charcoal shade with 128GB of storage.

Splendid. This is a 24 month contract and comes with unlimited texts and minutes on the iD mobile network. Overall, this deal will cost you just £369 across the whole period of the contract, which is cheaper than the Pixel 7a itself. The RRP of the phone is £449.

You may have questions about the iD mobile network too. It’s not one of the big four in the UK, but it’s a mobile virtual network operator that is owned by Carphone Warehouse.

It rents the mobile infrastructure from Three mobile, meaning you’ll get access to the same connectivity and speeds as those with Three contracts.

Why is it so much cheaper? Well renting this infrastructure is cheaper than buying it and paying for the upkeep, so iD mobile passes some of those savings on to you.

Google’s 2023 mid-range phone is a triumph


  • Excellent camera for the price
  • Plenty of upgrades over the Pixel 6a
  • Smart software
  • Some nice colour options


  • Middling battery life
  • Achingly slow charging

As for the Pixel 7a, well, we’re huge fans. Our reviewer aptly called it a “mid-range triumph”, saying “Google’s mid-range series of smartphones has never been this good.”

He loved the excellent camera for the price, the upgrades on the Pixel 6a, the smart software and nice colour options. You’ll get Android 15 on day one later this year too.


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