The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday said the White House is refusing to hand over the transcript of Joe Biden’s Ukraine speech where he called for the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.

“The White House is REFUSING to hand over early drafts of President Biden’s 2015 Ukraine speech where he called for the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.” the House Oversight Committee said.

“These drafts are important as it is believed, based on public reporting, that the then-VP “called an audible” and changed U.S. policy toward Ukraine to benefit his son on the plane ride to Ukraine,” the Committee said. “Joe Biden later bragged about withholding a U.S. loan guarantee if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor.”

“For more than five months the White House has declined to authorize the production of these draft speeches to the Oversight Committee or to assert a valid privilege over them,” the letter to White House Counsel Edward Siskel said.

The House Oversight Committee said they will ‘consider the use of compulsory process’ if Biden doesn’t cooperate.

What are they waiting for??

In 2015 Joe Biden made a speech to the Ukrainian Rada in Kiev in which he demanded the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.

Viktor Shokin

“As the Prime Minister and the President heard me often say, I never tell another man or another nation or another woman what’s in their interest. But I can tell you, you cannot name me a single democracy in the world where the cancer of corruption is prevalent. You cannot name me one. They are thoroughly inconsistent. And it’s not enough to set up a new anti-corruption bureau and establish a special prosecutor fighting corruption. The Office of the General Prosecutor desperately needs reform. The judiciary should be overhauled. The energy sector needs to be competitive, ruled by market principles — not sweetheart deals. It’s not enough to push through laws to increase transparency with regard to official sources of income. Senior elected officials have to remove all conflicts between their business interest and their government responsibilities. Every other democracy in the world — that system pertains,” Biden said in his 2015 speech, according to White House archives.

A few years later speaking on a panel before the Council on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden publicly bragged about bribing Ukraine with $1 billion to fire Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General who was investigating Burisma corruption.

Viktor Shokin was investigating Mykola Zlovchesky, the Ukrainian oligarch who owned Burisma Holdings, the natural gas company that was paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars in an influence peddling scheme.

Biden strong-armed Ukraine into firing Shokin to protect his son Hunter and publicly bragged about the scalp.

I “said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired,” Biden said in 2018.


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