Home Politics White House Lays Out Biden’s Vision for Healthcare and Freedom Ahead Of SOTU

White House Lays Out Biden’s Vision for Healthcare and Freedom Ahead Of SOTU

White House Lays Out Biden’s Vision for Healthcare and Freedom Ahead Of SOTU


Ahead of the State of the Union, the White House laid out the President’s vision for protecting and enhancing affordable healthcare and freedom for everyone.

Biden To Highlight His Healthcare Agenda

“The President believes that health care is right and not a privilege,” White House Domestic Policy Advisor Neera Tanden said on a call with reporters.

Tanden said the President is promising to protect Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. President Biden has delivered more than in the first three years than most presidents have accomplished in two terms.

“We are preventing 1 million surprise medical bills every single week,” a senior administration official pointed out on a call with reporters on Wednesday ahead of his State of the Union speech.

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Biden To Focus On Freedom At The State Of The Union

The President’s speech will focus on freedoms that are jeopardized, including abortion rights and IVF, as well as laying out the work he’s done to make healthcare more affordable and his vision to apply those gains he’s made with Medicare to everyone.

Healthcare Will Be A Major Focus


  • The President will say he wants to expand the $2,000 out-of-pocket cap to ALL AMERICANS:

– “When the $2,000 out-of- pocket cap on prescription drugs applies in Medicare in 2025, nearly 19 million seniors and other beneficiaries are projected to save $400 per year on prescription drugs. The President is calling on Congress to expand the $2,000 out-of-pocket cap to all private insurance so that all Americans have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they won’t have to choose between filling their prescription or putting food on the table.”

  • The President will call on Congress to continue ACA tax credits:

“The President is calling on Congress to make the expanded premium tax credits that the Inflation Reduction Act extended permanent. Without Congressional action, millions of Americans will see their health insurance premiums spike by hundreds or thousands of dollars starting in the fall of 2025.”

  • Driving Medicare prescription prices down with certain generics at $2:

“Medicare will be launching a new model to limit Medicare Part D cost-sharing for certain generic drugs to $2. As Medicare prepares to launch the model, today HHS published a list of dozens of generic drugs for the model, including drugs like statins to treat high cholesterol, beta- blockers for high blood pressure, and platelet inhibitors to prevent blood clots. In his budget, the President is calling on Congress to limit Medicare cost-sharing to $2 for high- value generic drugs for all Medicare plans.”

While Donald Trump parades his mumbling personal grievances before the nation as his presidential platform, President Joe Biden will be highlighting his work for the people during the State of the Union, which includes his work taking on Big Pharma — legislation for which zero Republicans voted.

President Biden will be laying out an agenda for the American people in his State of the Union. The one unifying theme in all of Biden’s proposals is that he is trying to make people’s lives better. In contrast, Donald Trump is only focused on improving one life, and that is his own.

Republicans tried to deny Biden the State Of The Union platform because when the two visions for America are put side by side, only the President is thinking of you.


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