Amazon has recently announced the latest generation of its Echo Frames. Here’s how they compare to Bose’s own smart glasses, the Bose Frames. 

The Echo Frames (3rd Gen) include seven new styles of Alexa-powered smart glasses, offering more frame styles and longer-lasting battery lives than the previous generation of the Amazon wearable. 

Bose last updated its smart glasses line in 2020, introducing a style designed specifically to support outdoor workouts, along with two more everyday pairs with improved designs and acoustics. 

Keep reading to learn how these two brands of smart glasses compare… 

The Echo Frames are powered by Alexa 

As part of Amazon’s Echo range, the Echo Frames are fully integrated with Alexa. This means you can call upon the voice assistant to play music, answer questions, add items to your shopping list, control smart home devices and more. 

The Bose Frames also allow you to speak to your voice assistant but this is done through a connected smartphone. This means you can ask questions, play music, control smart home devices and more through the iOS or Android assistant, depending on the phone you use. 

Bose Frames lifestyle
The Bose Frames Tempo

The Bose Frames have a style for sports 

Both Amazon and Bose offer multiple styles of frames, making it possible to find a look that matches your wardrobe and tastes. Amazon has even partnered with Carrera Eyewear with this generation to offer two unique designs. 

However, Bose is the only company of the two to deliver a pair of smart glasses specifically designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts. 

The Frames Tempo are a pair of Bose Frames designed for outdoor exercise, including biking, running and climbing. This style includes a durable build, a 22mm full-range driver in each temple to play music deep and loud enough to be heard while cycling at 25mph (without blocking out traffic or teammates), up to 8 hours of battery life and the ability to fit under most protective helmets. 

The Echo Frames support Bluetooth multipoint 

While both pairs of smart glasses allow you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone to stream your playlists via Bluetooth, only the Echo Frames support Bluetooth multipoint. 

This means you can connect to two devices at once and switch between them at a whim, so you can go from listening to music on your commute to hopping on a call on your laptop seamlessly. 

Echo Frames lifestyle
The Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) Cat Eye

The Bose Frames feature Volume-Optimised EQ 

Bose is an audio brand first, meaning their smart glasses take advantage of some great sound features. 

One of these features is Volume-Optimised, a setting that ensures you won’t lose any low frequencies when the volume is low and that the audio won’t distort when you crank the sound back up. 

Adjusting the volume is also easy with a sliding function available on the touchpad on the right temple. 

The Bose Frames have a longer battery life – depending on the model

When it comes to most styles the Bose Frames and the Echo Frames have very similar battery lives. 

The Echo Frames offer up to six hours of continuous playback (up 40% from the previous generation), while the Bose Frames in Tenor and Soprano squeeze in five and a half hours of listening. 

Opt for the sports-focused Bose Frames Tempo, however, and you’ll find up to eight hours of battery life to enjoy from each charge.

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