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Which handset is more honourable?

Which handset is more honourable?


The foldable market is becoming even more saturated as the months go by, with the latest addition coming in the form of the Honor Magic V2.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to foldables devices nowadays, enough so that we’ve already curated a best foldable phones list to help you find the right device for you. 

Now that Honor has thrown yet another foldable into the mix with the Honor Magic V2, we wanted to take a closer look at how it compares to its predecessor, the Honor Magic Vs. Keep reading to find out all the biggest differences – and similarities – between these two book-style foldables so you can figure out which one sparks your interest most. 

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 vs Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

The Honor Magic Vs comes kitted out with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset. The Magic V2 raises the bar even further, coming with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. 

Qualcomm claims that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has a particularly strong focus on AI, boasting the fastest and most advanced AI Engine ever created by the company. The Kryo CPU offers a 35% improvement in performance and the Adreno GPU comes with up to 25% faster performance compared to its predecessor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

Until we get more time with the Magic V2 we can’t make any concrete claims on its reliability compared to its sibling, but it’s likely that it will have a boosted performance overall. It may be best suited for those looking to engage in mobile gaming, but we do know that the Magic Vs is a solid performer overall, meaning that both handsets are still more than capable of day-to-day workloads. 

Low-light shots on the Honor Magic Vs look fantastic
Honor Magic Vs. Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

54-megapixel main camera on the Magic Vs

Honor decked out the Magic Vs with a triple-camera setup, including a 54-megapixel main sensor, a 50MP ultra-wide sensor and an 8MP telephoto lens. The Honor Magic V2, meanwhile, comes with a 50MP wide-angle sensor, a 50MP ultra-wide angle lens and finally, a 20MP telephoto sensor. 

We found that the Honor Magic Vs had a reliable performance and could pump out some great-looking shots in both daytime and low-light scenes. There was plenty of colour in every shot, however, we did find that the x3 optical zoom did struggle in a lot of instances, pushing our reviewer to avoid the feature entirely. 

On paper, the selection of the Honor Magic V2 is very capable. Until we get the chance to test this handset we can’t say how it compares to its older sibling, but it’s likely that the 50MP sensor will provide some heavily detailed images when shot in a RAW format. 

Both come with fast charging capabilities

Both the Magic Vs and Magic V2 come with 5000mAh batteries – the largest of any book-style foldable on the market. They also have support for Honor 66W SuperCharge, again, the fastest of any foldable right now. 

We found that the Honor Magic Vs managed to last for very long periods of time, even when subjected to a fair amount of strain. Unfortunately, we were unable to test the true fast-charging capabilities of this handset, however, we were able to get from 0% to 100% in two hours and 15 minutes using a standard charger. 

It’s likely that both of these handsets have a similar amount of endurance due to their similar internals. We can’t make any comments on the fast-charging capabilities as of yet, but it’s always a helpful feature to have, especially if you frequently forget to charge your phone. 

Honor Magic V2 internal display
Honor Magic V2. Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

A new hinge mechanism on the Magic V2

The Magic Vs comes with an impressive dual display; the inner screen measures 7.9 inches and has a 2272×1984 resolution, with the external screen measuring 6.45 inches and boasting a 2560×1080 resolution. Both panels are OLED, with the handset folding out like a book. 

We noted that the Magic Vs has a hinge that can fold at different angles. The crease in the middle of the screen is visible at certain angles, but it does disappear completely when you’re looking at it head-on. 

Honor didn’t stray too far away in terms of the display when it comes to the Magic V2. The inner screen sits at 7.92 inches with a 2344×2156 resolution. The external screen is 6.43 inches with a 2376×1060 resolution, with both panels also being OLED. 

The Magic V2 comes with a brand-new hinge mechanism, which boasts a 91% titanium alloy construction for improved rigidity. This allowed for zero gaps between the panels when in a folded position to reduce the amount of dust and debris building up in the internal panel. This also means that the crease of the panel is a lot shallower, with our reviewer noting that the tactile feeling of running a finger over the crease is nearly non-existent. 

The Magic V2 boasts a wider colour selection

It’s not just the internals of a handset that make it worth your while, you also want to make sure that it suits your own aesthetic. The Magic Vs is pretty limited when it comes to colourways with only two colours available, Cyan and Black. 

Honor clearly learnt from this when developing the Magic V2, with several new options to choose from. It comes in Velvet Purple, Velvet Black, Yunxia Gold and Elegant Black (Plain Leather Version). There is also an Ultimate Edition Elegant Black (Plain Leather Version), giving you a lot more choice when it comes to picking the model that suits you best. 


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