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Where to find Midas in Fortnite

Where to find Midas in Fortnite


After all the trouble we had with the arrival of Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2, it is a bit of a relief to see that patch 29.01 has arrived safe and sound with no major delays or quirks.

After Epic Games was forced to keep its Battle Royale in maintenance mode far longer than expected when the new chapter launched, you might be forgiven for thinking that history could repeat itself when it came to the addition of the new content we have gotten today.

But what is that content and where do we find it? Let’s crack on.

What’s new in Fortnite’s latest patch?

Well, Midas returns to the game after a long absence in the brand-new Rise of Midas event. We also got the new Floor Is Lava LTm to have a play with. Alongside that, plenty of fixes and balances but let’s get on to finding this new content.

Where is Midas in Fortnite

Locating Midas on the Chapter 5 Season 2 map is pretty easy once you know where the Marigold Yacht is docked.

The boat is moored on the West side of the map in the bay at the end of the river past Grim Gate and Pleasant Piazza. Follow it and you should see it in front of you in the bay. Once you get on board have a look around and you should be able to locate Midas up on the top deck, where you then have a couple of choices.

Midas is an NPC meaning you can trade with him for loot. Give him 100 gold bars and he will restore all your health, meanwhile handing over 300 big ones will acquire you a rare gun. You can also kill him to get the gun if you are low on gold.


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