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What’s The Best Age To Start Microcurrent? Derms Weigh In



It’s true that the younger you are the better when it comes to microcurrent. After all, prevention is far easier than treating skin care woes once they’ve already cropped up—the same logic applies to microcurrent.  

“Microcurrent devices are best utilized for prevention and maintenance, and therefore can be started as early as your 20s,” says board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., founder of MaeiMD. See, you lose 1% of collagen per year starting in your mid-20s, which can manifest in fine lines and sagging skin over time. 

“Microcurrent devices work by inducing muscle contractions and production of ATP, which is the energy used by cells to carry out their normal functions, including production of collagen and elastin,” Marcus adds. You can read more about the technology here, but essentially, the handheld electromagnetic device sends gentle jolts of energy to stimulate your skin cells—this, in turn, can “exercise” the facial muscles and make them appear more toned and lifted. 

It’s like a workout for your skin cells—and while you can exercise at any point in life, it is best to start strengthening your muscles on the early side. “With advancing age, collagen and elastin are produced at a slower rate, and muscles naturally atrophy, so microcurrent may not be as effective as it would be in younger skin,” Marcus explains. 

Now, that’s not to say you’ve missed the mark if you’re over 25. “There is almost never a bad time to start using microcurrent!” encourages biomedical engineer and holistic skin care expert Pooja Johari, M.S., founder of 7e Wellness. Even if you already notice signs of skin aging, like wrinkles and loss of volume, increasing ATP can help rejuvenate your skin while smoothing out existing wrinkles, Johari notes. Plus, it can prevent your skin from sagging even further. 


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