Home Top 10 What is Zoom Workplace? The Teams and Slack rival explained

What is Zoom Workplace? The Teams and Slack rival explained

What is Zoom Workplace? The Teams and Slack rival explained


Zoom is having another crack at a collaboration platform, around 18 months after the launch of its first attempt, Zoom One. Expectedly, a dose of AI is a big part of the new Zoom Workplace platform. Here’s exactly what it is.

Zoom clearly felt like simply updated its current One collaboration platform wouldn’t have done this update justice, with the Zoom One collaboration platform evolving into a AI-powered collaboration platform called Zoom Workplace.

Zoom plays a big part in many workplaces, even ones that use Slack and Microsoft Teams on the regular, so it makes sense that they want to expand beyond the video call window. We’re now in the era of the AI PC and Zoom is onboard, these are the key details.

What is Zoom Workplace?

Zoom Workplace is the new AI-powered collaboration platform from the popular video-conferencing brand. According to Zoom, “it reflects Zoom’s broader shift into beocming an AI-powered workplace platform that is powering modern work”. Zoom already had a product for workplace collaboration named Zoom One but this new product succeeds it with an AI focus.

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Zoom touts Workplace as being an “open ecosystem for best-in-class collaboration with third-party integrations”, adding that it doesn’t require businesses to replace their whole current workplace setup to take advantage of Zoom’s “AI-powered collaboration products and features”.

The new Workplace experience is set to offer more streamlined communications, with a new Meetings tab added to the Zoom app along with improved engagement through shared spaces for collaboration. There’s a wider redesign of the Zoom app being implemented too, with new UI, background customisation and appearance shortcuts.

Zoom is taking a larger step into the physical office too with improved Zoom Rooms. Hybrid meetings will be boosted with Smart Name Tags and Smart Speaker Tags for when multiple employees are present in a window. There’s also Workspaces for booking rooms, helping find oyur way around the office and visitor management.

Collaboration is a key focus of Workplace, with features like document collaboration, AI companion on mobile and team chat all enhanced with the aim of improving colleague interactions.


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