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What is Tile Premium? | Trusted Reviews

What is Tile Premium? | Trusted Reviews


The Tile trackers have garnered a great reputation for helping people across the globe find their misplaced keys, runaway pets and stolen wallets. 

By forming a connection with your smartphone, through Bluetooth Low Energy and Tile’s own expansive network, users are able to track the precise location of any personal items attached to the tracker. 

While buying a Tile tracker opens the door to a number of useful features, you’re able to unlock even more functionality by signing up to a Tile Premium subscription.

But what exactly is Tile Premium? We’ve created this guide to answer that very question. Read on for the detailed explanation. 

What is Tile Premium?

Tile Premium is a subscription service that unlocks additional features for Tile trackers and Tile-connected devices. 

These paid-for features include Smart Alerts, 30-day location history and Worry-free Warranty. 

Smart Alerts involves sending a notification to your phone whenever you leave your home without a tracker. This could be useful if you have the bad habit of forgetting your car keys or laptop when leaving home every morning for the commute to work. 

The 30-day Location History is self explanatory, displaying the locations your tracker has been in the past few weeks on a digital map. If your wallet has been stolen, you’ll be able to show the police the movement of your thief to help track them down. 

And finally, the Worry-free Warranty ensures that Tile will send you a replacement tracker if your own becomes damaged or defective. 

Tile Premium is available on a 30-day free trial. Once this expires, you’ll need to pay £2.99/$2.99 per month or £29.99/$29.99 per year. 

You’re able to register multiple Tile devices to your Tile Premium subscription, just as long as you own all of those trackers. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices too, so Apple fans won’t be left out in the cold. 


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