Home Top 10 What is Samsung FlexCam? The Galaxy Z Flip 5 feature explained

What is Samsung FlexCam? The Galaxy Z Flip 5 feature explained

What is Samsung FlexCam? The Galaxy Z Flip 5 feature explained


Recent models of Samsung’s clamshell-style Z Flip foldable smartphone have benefited from the company’s FlexCam technology, allowing for easy selfie-taking without the need for a tripod or a friend to take your snaps for you.

But, what is Samsung FlexCam, and how does it differ from Flex Mode? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Flip’s handy camera feature. 

What is Samsung FlexCam? 

The term “FlexCam” refers to the ability to capture photos and videos hands-free on recent models of Z Flip, including the recent Z Flip 5 and the year-old Z Flip 4.  

This feature leverages the teardrop hinge design employed by Samsung’s foldables, making it possible for users to prop up the camera on different surfaces and capture selfies and group photos without asking friends or strangers to snap photos for you. 

Z Flip 5 in FlexCam mode
FlexCam on the Z Flip 5

It’s certainly a more appealing prospect with the likes of the Z Flip 5, with a new 3.4-inch cover display doubling as a camera preview to perfect those poses before taking a snap. Gesture control, like showing a palm to activate a camera timer, also simplifies the selfie-taking process.

“It’s like having a camera and a tripod all in one”, summarised Samsung’s Dillon Hesse during the company’s August 2022 Unpacked event, and that’s just as true with the newer Z Flip 5. 

Samsung FlexCam
FlexCam on the Z Flip 4 (Image Credit: Trusted Reviews)

FlexCam isn’t just built into the Camera app either; it also works with Meta-powered apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. For example, users can record stories and film reels on Instagram hands-free. 

“Thanks to Flex mode on Galaxy Z Flip, you can use your phone hands-free by standing it up on a surface. Take selfies at whole new angles, make video calls, or capture long-exposure images without the use of a tripod easily by folding the Galaxy Z Flip”, said Samsung of Flex Mode

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 is now available to pre-order at Samsung.

What’s the difference between FlexCam and Flex Mode?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the word “Flex” used in conjunction with a Samsung Flip device. In fact, there’s also Flex Mode, a totally different – but equally handy – feature of recent models of both Z Flip and Z Fold. 

While FlexCam is the ability to pop the phone down on any flat surface to take a selfie, Flex Mode refers to the automatic layout changes that occur in the UI when the phone is folded halfway to create an L-shape. It’s a feature also available on the book-style Z Fold 5.

For the Camera app, this means that the shooting options, usually at the top half of the screen, would transfer to the bottom half for easier control when the phone was folded halfway. You can also hold the Z Flip 4 and Flip 5 like a camcorder to record video and have the lower portion of the screen turn into a trackpad for scrubbing through a video.

Z Flip 4 in Camcorder mode
Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

It does depend on the app, however. Apps like YouTube will provide easy-to-use media controls when watching a video on the top half of the screen, while apps like Samsung Health will provide a trackpad for a traditional laptop control experience.


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